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Who or What is Holding You Back?


‘It’s not about breaking through the Glass Ceiling, it’s about building your own house’  - Irene Brankin


Many of us can live our life without appreciating our true value until perhaps when something goes awry and we get some kind of wake-up call.


In my opinion, doing something differently will help to change your life AND it is what you believe about yourself that is the game changer.




It is self-doubt that holds most of us back.    What is it that is your Glass Ceiling?    That line you drew yourself and yes, perhaps your childhood messages put it there.   That place, when you’re invited to step up to that is beyond your norm, you would say, ‘No – not this time or maybe later’.   Your feelings would get churned up whether you said Yes or No or Maybe.      Even if full of enthusiasm and thrilled that you were invited to do whatever at first, this would dissipate and you would regret your response.   Even if you carried on from that agreement place, somehow you would be late, ill, not practiced or simply do a poor job.


Ask yourself these questions –


Where did your self-doubt come from?

What is the glass ceiling that you’ve put on yourself?

Or the limits you’ve put on yourself?

Has it come from you?

Or been imposed from the outside?

Who gave or taught you that there are limits?


Yes, of course, I know there has always been a case of ‘this far and no more’ for women in business of any sort (other than those few amazing women who break through it).


Yes, of course, again I know that things are changing these days, albeit slowly, and yet, still – what are the restrictions you’re putting on yourself?


Yes (that word again!), it is You putting it on You.   Do you still want to hang on to the glass ceiling or the restrictions? Do you still want to hang onto your self-doubt?

Trapped Wasted Energy


I want to remind you that there is loads of wasted energy trapped inside you (I call it ‘my Caged Tiger’) as you come up against that glass ceiling.


What are you doing with it?

How are you hurting yourself?

How is it being enacted out in your personal and professional life?


Don’t think that it will eventually go away of its own accord.     Oh no, it will still be there as it has been around for a long while unless you face it!!    This time though, you will learn to be able to put it aside and be in charge of it – not the other way about.   I know from my own personal and professional experience, it will have expressed itself in many different ways over time – not speaking out, being compliant, a perfectionist, frustration, or depression    And I can also safely say that it is slowly choking your spirit – your ‘joie de vivre’.


Honest View


I wonder what your honest view is about yourself so I am going to challenge you to step back and really see you – not as you want the world to see you!!


Think about this as really important for so you can see yourself as you are nowadays before the self-doubt curtailed you and you put your mask on.   You will be amazed at all your achievements and successes through life.


I know, for myself, how upsetting and exhausting it is to prevent your vulnerability being seen.   It is easier to you put yourself under pressure to show the world the view you want them to see.   You can never be truly yourself.    You keep yourself safe within the glass ceiling you’ve put on yourself.


I want to tell you that there is no glass ceiling nowadays – only one that you put on yourself and this usually comes from our past.  Or simply said – it is your belief system that tells you!

Wise Woman


Nowadays, I have much to offer as I come from a place of maturity, warmth, experience and wisdom with lots of worldly experience to share with you.


If you want to overcome your Self-Doubt so you can really acknowledge yourself as a Successful Woman from inner confidence, I’d love you to contact me.     I will ‘sit alongside you and have your back’ as you see how capable, strong, organised and talented you are.   You will break through your glass ceiling to take action to live out your dreams.   


You will no longer cover yourself up with your mask of outer confidence by being afraid of your vulnerability.   You will have the choice to see yourself in your true light..    Why?   You will see that you have inner freedom and you are being the best you can be!


Remember you are a fine human being so don’t reject yourself – you deserve better.


Contact me or via my website and look forward to hearing from you.

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