The Visible Woman Retreats

Why You Should Go On A Retreat


These Visible Woman Self-Development Days & residential Retreats are perfect for YOU if:

  • you are questioning what your life is about;
  • you want respite from the busyness of today’s hectic life, to make sense of what works and doesn’t work in your life;
  • you want to have a place of quiet renewal where you can step back, assess who you are and where you are going;
  • you want to be nurtured and refreshed, and allow yourself the joy of self-discovery

What You Will Gain


  • You’ll know there is more to life and begin to treat yourself as your new best friend by giving yourself this gift
  • You will discover what you gave up of yourself in order to cope with life’s demands
  • You will feel excited about life and your possibilities again
  • You will find the courage to take the steps to fulfil your dreams as you gain more confidence
  • You will make new friends with the like-minded women

Why The Visible Woman Retreat?


You will be with me - a mature, well experienced facilitator who will give you time to make changes from the inside out.

I will be enabling, supporting and challenging you to allow your vulnerability, creative talents and uniqueness to become visible to yourself.

You will re-connect with yourself, remember or discover your dreams and begin taking steps towards fulfilling them.

“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of” (Nelson Mandela)

The Visible Woman Retreat in Majorca was a challenging but ultimately life-enhancing experience. Irene is a very warm, wise counsellor who gently but firmly challenges you to make a break with long held, limiting beliefs to enable you to grow into the best you can be.  Kirsty

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