Feeling Low

Are you feeling a bit low or down or off or just not right?? Then join the clan as this has been how I have been feeling this weekend.… Read More

I’ve Been Through A Lot

For me, I have found that it’s really important to stop and look back at my life every now and again. It’s about taking the space to reflect on what’s been happening for me. So often, I can forget or things seem like a blur of happenings and it is important to give myself that reflection time – however painful or joyful it might be.… Read More

Coming Home to Yourself

You may be one of those women juggling too many balls (or even too little) who gave so much of yourself to your family, your lovers, your friends, being a success, a cause or your career that you lost sight of who you are.… Read More

Abundance in Your Life

WHERE IS ABUNDANCE IN YOUR LIFE? Are you moaning and groaning away to all and sundry that there is no abundance in your life? Have you actually taken time out to see and reflect if there is abundance in your … Read More

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