Simplicity of Words

What can I say except most of us can feel rather overwhelmed, discouraged, angry and helpless right now with all that is happening with COVID-19 and the craziness that is going on with the different countries’ responses, especially ours.

Do you know what is happening because I don’t! Have you ever experienced anything like it?

I am attempting to surrender to ‘what is’. AND at times, I have cried at the reality of life at the moment as well as laughing and having a feeling of contentment too.

I can easily get confused at all the words being said or read. Why? Because things are so up in the air, confusing, divisive, revealing, downright lies and sometimes a truth in there!

Before I pull you down any more, or add to your confusion or being upset, I’d love you to take a moment or two, and let in the words I came across somewhere or another over the years. I have put them out before and hope you like them because they are so simple and appropriate for now –



One tree can start a forest;

One smile can begin a friendship;

One hand can lift a soul;

One word can wipe out darkness;

One laugh can conquer gloom;

One hope can raise our spirits;

One touch can show you care;

One life can make a difference;

Be that one today.


Maybe one of the lines has particularly struck home or perhaps the whole poem has – whatever. I hope you breathe deeply into them anyway.   After all, I know you will have time!

Finally, as I’ve said, I am really touched with the simplicity of the poem. And let it be a reminder of how someone can create something simple – not complicated – and you can let it be in your heart as what happens in your heart is what connects you to yourself and others.

I feel I could be talking about ’Captain Tom’ in this poem with his resolute spirit, willingness to make a difference, raising £30,000,000 for the NHS, having a No. 1 hit record and his being 100 years old – he definitely raised our spirits, united all of us through giving us the motivation to ‘BE THAT ONE TODAY’.

Go well.

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