Rant, Rant, Rant


I decided on this Title because I didn’t want to make it worse by saying I am pissed off at others’ reactions (and myself at times too!) when someone shares their sadness, distress, anger, jubilation or whatever……

You perhaps know some of the people who do this like the –


‘I am so helpful types’,

‘Look on the positive side types’,

‘I’ve experienced it or know someone who has and this is what I/they did types’,

‘I’ll make you smile as I can’t handle your ……. whatever types’,

‘I’ll just ignore what my intuition is telling me types’,

‘I’ll fix you types’ …

You can put in whatever you have experienced that caused you to be irritated, frustrated or not seen or heard.


In my opinion, most of us want to be helpful, kind and supportive when vulnerability is being shared (whether the joyful or distressing kind) and sometimes this can get in the way of really being with someone whether that’s in real life or on Social Media.

You can be so eager to get it right for them by being any of the above Types that it can get in the way of you seeing, reading, hearing what it is the person is actually asking for or needing.

I mentioned ‘jubilation’ above as even that can cause totally inappropriate responses through not simply rejoicing with them rather than you telling them your life story!!!


Yep, another of my hobby horses! If you respond with your positivity all the time (and it is certainly rife nowadays), you may be cutting the other off from being with the truth of their pain, fear, excitement, despair, loneliness, depression or whatever kind of feelings and emotions they are truly experiencing. You can actually hinder them from being true with you and themselves. There may be no more sharing with you.

And it may be that you only see them with their ‘I’m okay and there’s nothing wrong with me’ smile – their mask of positivity while their pain goes even more underground when they are with you.

It is so good to have the awareness that we don’t have to be positive all the time to show that we are included and are alongside our fellow human beings. I encourage you to have the awareness that it is fine to share your vulnerabilities while allowing others to do so too.

We are only human and so perfectly imperfect too.

Love to hear from you what drives you up the wall? Makes you want to scream or causes frustration? Or to have a glass of wine (in my case, tea) to calm down the energy that’s brought up… I could go on and on again.

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  • What drives me up the wall is the people who come on for a rant when they have not looked at the different perspectives of other people. All they want to do is have a go.

    I know I react to stuff, but before I write anything I wonder what is going on in someone’s life first.

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