How often have you thought of saying that whether under your breath or loudly outside??    ENOUGH!!!

It is really important for us all to have the choice to do so.

Why?   It is important that you realise that you do have a choice in life to shout back at others, your health, your belief system, society as a whole ….…….. whatever it is that is pressing their rules, their wishes, their advice on us.

Most of us don’t have that awareness that it is okay to say NO to this or these voices imposing their will on us.

One of my lovely German colleagues suggested that I raise my finger in the air when I do it as that imposes an extra layer of conviction to my Enough.   I suggest you try doing it with or without to see what sits best with you – and you might laugh at your finger choice!!

You do have the opportunity not to do anything as you might think I am imposing my will on you.    It is simply a suggestion and you have choice.


Stand up and be counted

It can be good to reflect on our life and see where and when you last stood up for whatever it was that was important enough for you to do just that – whether on behalf of yourself, others or whatever.

Again it is your choice and others may not even realise why it is important for you.   You might not even know yourself until you take that time for reflection.

I do want to say that it is not always about shouting and fighting the norm as it can be in your quiet, quivering voice too – simply stating something that, in your heart, is right for you.

Reflect on what is happening in the world, in society, in your neighbourhood and see how and when you are going to take action to stand up and be counted.

Remember you have a choice in not doing anything too.   We are not all big and strong with impulses that drive and can overwhelm us.

What are the possibilities you could do?  I’d love to hear them from turning the TV off, not purchasing whatever, cancelling things ………………………………….. speaking out, starting a revolution ……  whatever you choose.


Important to ME

I will tell you something that I do that may not be a big deal especially these days AND is important TO ME.

When I go to someone’s funeral, I simply choose to wear bright colours as for me it is about celebrating someone’s life.  I am celebrating their existence rather than mourning it.    I am not saying for others to do this.

And this is what I do and have done so for many years.   It has not always gone down well and that’s how it is.   I am not out to offend others.   This is my stand against what used to be society’s rule (I know it has been changing) and I am okay with doing it my way – a celebration of life.

One of my books ‘I Don’t Care – the Act of Divine Indifference’ gives more about saying or doing the equivalent of Enough and how women in particular take on the caring role.   One of my belief systems is that when I have the choice to say NO, I am then able to choose what it is I really care about, say YES and do just that.

Find my book “I don’t Care – the Act of Divine Indifference” here.

I See You.


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