Nowadays it is all about Wellbeing except I don’t know how much things have changed over the years.   People are still stressed out.


I imagine, if you are like most of us, when you have free time you use it up BUT not on you.   Oh No – YOU are at the back of the queue ‘and you will do whatever for you later on’.     Sound familiar??



Most of us don’t know how to nurture ourselves, and it can take a long while to realise that.

Why?   Because we’re not taught it in schools and again, most don’t learn it in our families as it can be called ‘being selfish’.

And yet, in this pressurised, social media world, learning how to do it is essential for our own wellbeing.   If we don’t, we cause ourselves stress, illness and stop truly enjoying our life as we become exhausted.

Life becomes pressurised whether we have work, a family or live on our own.   Moaning and Groaning then ensues – even if we plaster on our false smile for the world.

Here are some of my suggestions to nurture yourself – not to put more pressure on you –


  • Allow yourself to put aside worrying – even for a short while put it on the shelf, or write them down and put the list away
  • Go back to bed if that is what your body is telling you
  • Watch TV or put on Netflix and binge watch whatever
  • Read a book you’ve always wanted to read
  • Have a lovely massage (this is one of mine in particular)
  • Do something (anything) different from your usual routine
  • Have gratitude for your life however it is at the moment
  • Eat something really delicious which might be forbidden
  • Smile, smile and smile even more (or even the opposite)!!
  • Have a wonderful large Maud’s or Rossi’s ice cream or the equivalent in your area
  • Celebrate you for being YOU in whatever way you want to
  • Enjoy your garden, the seafront or the park
  • Join and go to Groups that nourish you – make you feel YOU again
  • Go swimming, cycling or do some gentle exercise – if only lifting your cup or glass!
  • Surprise yourself by saying ‘I Don’t Care’ when you feel like it
  • YOU put your ones here ……………………………………………………………….


Remember that what is nurturing just now, may not be nurturing at another time.   So see it as treating yourself as your ‘new best friend’ and find out what pleases you, and maybe even gives you the feeling of being slightly naughty!

I am sure you will get the idea or others in the Community will enable you to refresh your mind.


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