A selection of testimonials & reviews from the wonderful ladies I have had the pleasure of working with. One to One support, Retreats, Workshops, Coaching, Mentoring & Facilitating, as well as reviews for my two inspirational books.

It was an inspirational day and hope to keep on working on my insights.


It was a brilliant workshop, skillfully facilitated by Irene Brankin. I came to realise through the day that each member of the group held an aspect of my own journey. Witnessing others struggling and succeeding on this journey of life was self-affirming, reassuring and really heartening for I realised we are all in it together.

Skillfully Facilitated Workshop

The Visible Woman Retreat has been a valuable and inspirational experience and has enabled me to see my next steps. I enjoyed connecting with a lovely group of women, and I would thoroughly recommend this to other women in need of direction.

Jo Bund, Designer, Artist and Maker


Jo Bund

Translated from Swedish into English:

When I started training in psychosynthesis therapist, I was 57.

It is at such times where it’s so good to meet other people who had the courage and the strength to not have given up in difficult situations in life. People who can provide a boost in the right direction. Someone who sees that you actually have the potential within yourself to produce.

One such person was (and is) Irene Brankin, who was (and is) one of the fantastic teachers at PsykosyntesAkademin. a psychologist with extensive experience of psychosynthesis therapy. A very wise woman with a wonderful English (well, maybe more Scottish) sense of humor. She could give me criticism in a way that made me grow in my role as a therapist. I’m forever grateful to her for the support she gave me during training.

A few years ago she had cancer and did not know what would happen. Today, she is healthy and continues to commute between England and Sweden to teach aspiring therapists. She organizes seminars and workshops in England. Nowadays, she can also call himself a writer. She has written a book called “The Visible Woman” about “how the older woman can start feeling visible again, rekindle her passion for life and starting her next adventure.” Unfortunately the book has not been translated into Swedish, but her English is readable.


Karin Tellås Hermansson

feel so much more positive and empowered about my future!! I have learnt to believe in myself and I can achieve anything I want to.

Jayne Kirk

I really enjoyed it. I was unsure how I would be but it has definitely given me lots of things to think about.


Today I felt a need to be creative and return to painting for my pleasure. What a gift!

What A Gift

Everyone has a place in the world, we just need to find it. Being at the Day Retreat makes you look at your positives and negatives and move nearer that place.


Today revealed to me that we really should do this because it is so nurturing & enriching.

Nurturing & Enriching

Very positive, vibrant, uplifting and fun – poring out the inner-fun-woman and inner-smile.


Talked about things I hardly ever get to talk about. Got to know women who had been strangers and I felt included in group.

Felt Included

Irene planned the variety of activities to be enjoyable with breaks in between

Variety of Activities

Brilliant day – meeting women from all walks of life

All Walks of Life

I liked the dynamics of the support that was offered to each participant.  It was an excellent model of allowing the other to make sense of their own sharing without the interference of helpful advice


A useful and interesting day which may reveal aspects of your inner self that you had not fully appreciated.


Finding that I could be both invisible and visible, that I had a choice and both were fine if chosen, was an amazing revelation and created huge possibilities that I can now begin to explore


It was a thought provoking and an inspirational day of finding out more about myself in a warm, caring, sharing  environment with fun, good food and laughter along the way. More please!

Inspirational Day

During the day others revealed something of theirs that was a common thread in my life which had up until then been unseen by me


The workshop was very interesting and thought provoking, and definitely worthwhile

Thought Provoking Workshop

Working with chosen postcards revealed something to me and enabled me to dig deeper into my true self.

My True Self

I liked the dynamics of the support that was offered to each participant. It was an excellent model of allowing the other to make sense of their own sharing without the interference of helpful advice

Dynamics of Support

I so appreciated the listening, the gentle questionings, the returning to the point [thus highlighting our tendency to avoid] and the waiting, the gentle long silent presence of waiting expectantly without judgement. It was so powerful and I now realise that that gentle inquisitiveness is a tool that can be self applied in future

Powerful & Gentle

The workshop has given me an insight into myself and since Saturday I am still drawing on the knowledge and experience of the day. I feel it has shown me that human beings are all so similar in so many ways – vulnerable, emotional and all the other feelings that we lock up sometimes and don’t express. I feel stronger for the experience of sharing within the safety of this held space

Insightful Self-Development

Working through the day brought me to a realisation that it is energetically productive for me to work with my own rhythm of visible and invisibility, as it is an essential part of my replenishment and being. To do otherwise causes me too much wear and tear, stress and fatigue

Energetically Productive