How many times have you looked in the mirror whether for your hair, makeup, checking yourself, telling yourself you love you or even you are a mess ………………..?

I am sure you have done this many times and sometimes with clear thought and other times, don’t even think about it.

Well my blog today is about being able to say ‘I See You’ to that you in the mirror.

You might be saying, ‘what is she on about’ or something of that sort.   And I am saying, I know it is about time to do so.

Some of you, like me, may have been through the mill of forgetting who you are.  You’ve been caught up in life in many ways (some of your own choice, others and your own wishes and some imposed on you.

And I am saying that now is the time to really see who you are.

I would love you to take the time in your busy or not lives to sit down and reflect on you and what you have achieved with your life so far.

Look at that patience, that perseverance, that determination, that quiet confidence, that risk taker, that try and try again ….………………………. What would you put in here?  I am sure there are many strengths you have.

In doing this, you will be open to seeing what qualities you have had throughout your life, and these are what will enable you to say ‘I See You’ to yourself.


Re-connecting and Remembering

I am not supporting you in remembering all the things you did wrong or didn’t even finish and so on.    These don’t matter as it is all about re-connecting with you and your life.

You will be amazed at all you have done from the tiny to the large.   You have to take that time for you to touch base with you again.

I know you will start to have a smile on your face, or even inside, that says, ‘I forgot this, that or the other about me’ regardless of what others (and maybe even yourself) have said about you in the past.

This is about YOU remembering and re-connecting with Yourself.

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