The Visible Woman - Irene Brankin

I am passionate about drawing out women’s strengths and re-connecting them to their inner confidence.

I bring my gifts of professional experience over 30 years as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Supervisor, Mentor, Course Director and European President of a psychotherapy model, together with all my personal experience as one of the ‘Been there, done that, got the ‘t’ shirt’ kind of woman.

I have a wicked sense of Glaswegian humour, maturity, warmth and wisdom to add to the pot as well.

Why do I go on about the Imposter Syndrome? Because I want YOU to know that it’s fine to be comfortable with your ‘uncomfortability’, and be successful in your own way without having to wear a mask of pretence.

I want you to be yourself (‘to thine own self be true’), by not allowing your self-doubt to be in charge.

Irene Brankin was (and is) one of the fatastic teachers at Psykosyntes Akademin. She could give me criticism in a way that made me grow in my soul as a therapist. I'm forever grateful to her for the support she gave me during training." - Karin Tellas Hermansson

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Are You one of the Almost, Nearly Confident Women?

How would it be for you to be as Confident on the Inside as you appear on the Outside?

Have you ever thought, ‘They’ll soon realise I’m not as confident or capable as they think I am’?

Do you fail to give yourself credit for your abilities, and accomplishments?

Is your self-doubt keeping you dis-satisfied?

Are you stressed and exhausted keeping your mask on so you’ll be accepted by others?

Do you feel at times your success isn’t deserved?

Are you trying to conform to something you’re not?

Do you fear being found out?

Don’t panic as most of us do.

Start Your Journey of Self-Discovery Today


With me by your side, you will take away tools to enable you to discover:

A Reality check on your Strengths and Accomplishments
Decision Making aligned with your Goals
Re-connect with your Self-Worth
Have more Energy to ignite your inner fire
Honour your Value with Grace and Ease.

Finding that I could be both invisible and visible, that I had a choice and both were fine if chosen, was an amazing revelation and created huge possibilities that I can now begin to explore Jo Aylwin