Well – here I am being visible.

This is for all those women who feel or have felt invisible.  Right now you may be asking – “What’s happened to that woman I used to know?  Where did I go?  When did I become invisible to myself and others?”

Many of us have had the experience of being taken over by our families, our houses, our jobs and our lives.  Life can at times invite us (e.g. through loss or illness) to become invisible.

Stories are an important part of The Call of the Wise WomanYou can find or enhance your voice through participating in the workshops I run.  I have found that the sharing of personal stories and experiences draw we women together.  It is the trusting, taking one step at a time (or a big leap) that can lead YOU to know that YOU can be comfortable in your own skin and, therefore, no longer invisible.

Your intuition connects you with the voice of the Wise Woman and it’s not some airy-fairy thing but is actually very down to earth.  It is that call, that still place inside that gives you your inner truth, your inner voice.  From here, you are tuning in to eons of inner knowing and experience.  There is a deep well for us all to draw upon.

I’d like to hear your stories about the time(s) you felt invisible, and what changes you brought about when you listened to The Call of the Wise Woman.  So sign up and each week I will be sharing your stories and also those from my forthcoming book.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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