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As I was writing my Newsletter, I decided to expand it here in my blog as, in my opinion, this is the Season for the ‘sap to rise’. It is not January when we make all these resolutions and don’t do them or make a start and let them slide! It is Spring time when we are coming out of our Winter hibernation that the magic happens.


As the buds start to open, and as the flowers and leaves appear and the skies become bluer – so it is your time too. If you’ve had the blessing of going with the Season, you will have turned your attention inwards, and your body will have rested. Now you will be turning outwards again and facing the world in all your glory – allowing us to see your colours appearing in full bloom.




This is my challenge to you as you are opening, standing tall and becoming visible to yourself and the world again.


It’s now time for you to start living again, or for the first time, with excitement, laughter, the ‘pull in of breath’ kind of living. The one that contains both fear and excitement when you’ve only been focussing on the fear kind. I know you know that they are simply two sides of the same coin!!


Are you hearing me?


Don’t you know that Life is for living? It’s all the colours of the rainbow not just grey and dreary with the odd sparkle of colour.


Are you hearing me, all you lovely women out there?   Are you doing it already?  Then that’s fantastic as I’m speaking to the converted – those who are able to hold all the colours of the rainbow.


Then I’m talking to YOU – those of you who are still ‘faffing about’. The ‘stuck in your rut, I will when……


I’m taller, smarter, slimmer, prettier, older, have money……..


You can fill in whatever you want here as you know exactly what it is you are telling yourself –  you are the ‘let’s play it safe’ kind of woman. Nothing wrong with that if you want to be stuck in that rut – remember it means ‘a living death’.


I Dare You


Come on, I dare you to do something different in your life – do it daily, every other day, weekly or monthly, whenever – JUST DO IT!!!


Well, I’m saying NO MORE ‘faffing about’.  It’s time you started taking all those risks you’ve put off while you’ve waited for life to happen. This is your Season to realise that YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MAKES IT HAPPEN!!


Take your courage in both hands and jump – make that leap into the unknown. I can tell you that it is worth it and especially when you are shouting,  ‘I  D O N ’ T    C A R E’  as you make that leap. Come on – let’s do it together – 1, 2, 3……………………..


Do it softly, loudly or anything in between – DO IT.


I’d love you to let me (and the Visible Woman Community) know how you’ve got on by leaving your comment, or contacting me directly irene@irenebrankin.co.uk or leaving your telephone number and I’ll phone you for a chat.



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