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I want to start with a poem that means a lot to me, as it is the context for my blog –


Come to the edge, Life said.

They said:  We are afraid.

Come to the edge, Life said.

They came.

Life pushed them,

And they flew. 

(Guilliame Appollinaire)


How do we actually cope with life some times?    Do you know?  I don’t.


I think you and I are amazing people to have resilience in order to cope with life’s hard knocks – simply amazing.


Some of you slowly pick yourselves up, dust yourselves down (maybe with a helping hand) and get on with whatever it is you need to get on with (usually life!).


Some of you bounce back with no apparent ill-effects and do whatever it is you need to do.  I’m reminded here of that child’s toy that simply refused to stay down however hard it was knocked about.  I know my son and grandchildren had them anyway.


And you may know of some for whom it may be too hard to get up again so they stay down and live life from that place.


There are no judgements here.  It is important that you listen to yourself and may even choose to get help in order to do whatever is right for you.


Definition of Resilience


You might have your own definition, as simple as the words I’ve used above, and here are some more –


The ability to spring back into shape

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties


The capacity to withstand stress and catastrophe


Here are my Tips for dealing with adversity


Each of you will have found your own way of dealing with everyday changes and challenges to the small and some pretty big happenings in your life.  And some of you may be reflecting on your experiences right now while reading my blog.


You see, for most of us, this capacity to deal with all the ups and downs of life normally comes through our personal development, our knowledge of ourself and others, and through our belief systems.


Here are those tips I promised you to enable you to adapt life’s adversity:


Trust yourself and your choices even if these are wrong as you will learn from them

Know that it is okay to ask for Help

Allow yourself to express your feelings at these stresses i.e. let go in whatever way appropriate for you

See yourself as resilient and not a victim

Allow yourself to be disheartened and then deal with the issue

Make a list of all you’ve dealt with in the past

Know that your life is not set in stone

Draw on your close relationships

Be grateful for all that’s good in your life

Tell ‘you’ in the mirror, WE can deal with this

Have Faith

Know that there is meaning in life

Applaud yourself

And finally, when you are ready – to laugh at the craziness of life


I’d like to leave you with this – ‘Laughter is good for the Soul as well as your wrinkles’, and look in the mirror and applaud this woman who has so much to offer life.

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I’d love you to contact me about your coping mechanisms and, if you want, we can also chat about you having faith in yourself if you don’t feel like that at the moment.

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