Healing powerWhen the mountain seems too high to climb or the world is just too much for you, this is the time to stop and …

  • Let go of the pressure you are putting yourself under and surrender to what’s happening
  • Have a massage with someone you trust so you can allow out the depths of your tears
  • Take time to sit and meditate on whatever is happening for you
  • Have some fun and laughter by yourself or with others
  • Sit and cry or phone a friend and allow yourself to cry with them
  • Stop compromising yourself by your need to be liked or to do things
  • Draw on your courage and be true to yourself – be authentic
  • Be part of something and know that everything is connected
  • Know that going to a concert/show can bring pleasure and a sense of community
  • Be tolerant and respectful of yourself
  • Learn to see this time as something fruitful happening – a transformation happening
  • Listen to your favourite music and allow your body to feel it

We so try to understand, to be in control of our body and mind, and sometimes we are forced back on ourselves in order to take time out and ‘be’ before we can re-engage with life again.

It may be a sign that you are empty and disconnected with yourself. I know for me, this is what it means and it is time for me to heal. And it can take hours, days, or weeks before I come out of this place and engage in life from a deeper perspective again.

These are my twelve suggestions. Do you have any others? I’d love to hear from you.


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