My 20 Observations from Me to Me

1. You will never give up regardless of what is going on in your life, and that is what I so admire and love in you.

2. You will have the gift of knowing that your life is a ‘walk in grace’, and hold that there is inherent goodness in it which you will be sorely needed at times.

3. You will hold your head high and be a Role Model for others.

4. You will not take life for granted and won’t be one of the ‘one day’s.

5. You will learn the importance of re-connecting with your inner wisdom through your willingness to look inside yourself.

6. You will find that your wisdom and experience gives others the courage to go further than they may have dared.

7. You will discover that living for you is the knowing you still have such vitality for life.

8. You will not conform to rules that once accorded to chronological age, and will be pushing the boundaries of others’ expectations.

9. You will trust yourself as you are comfortable with your own power.

10. You will discover that you can be young enough to get more out of life, old enough to have experience and mature enough to laugh at it and yourself.

11. You will listen to your inner wisdom, knowing, gut feeling, intuition, Wise Woman or your Soul’s voice as this gives access to beyond your normal way of thinking.

12. You will make the most of life through knowing it is happening right now.

13. You will know that life is worth the effort.

14. You will write a third book – ‘The Almost Nearly Confident and Successful Woman’ – as it has been your and others’ journey of self-doubt even when successful.

15. You will offer others the awareness that they can come from inner freedom and choice.

16. You will have many adventures, fun, laughter, pain and sorrow on your travels in life and still be open to making wonderful connections.

17. You will know that tears (for yourself and others) can be joyous and healing and not only sadness, pain and fear.

18. You will remember ‘this too will pass’ when you feel you are standing on your own and the world is against you (as will happen).

19. You will know you are more resilient, stronger and courageous that you think you are when you are afraid (and yes you will be).

20. You will allow your vulnerability as well as strength to be seen.

This is my list to me, I found great inspiration writing this. I wonder what you would put on your own one?

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Added Extra

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