Are you moaning and groaning away to all and sundry that there is no abundance in your life? Have you actually taken time out to see and reflect if there is abundance in your life?

Yes, then that is fantastic because it is the soil you grow from and well done to you as you are thriving, growing stronger as you have been encouraging that growth.

No, then please look at your life and life in general. Choose to stop and take the time to do this.

Think of all the abundance you’re surrounded by, and I am not simply talking about wealth. Open yourself up and see the good in all aspects of your life.

The Seasons

You will see that Nature’s cycles – the Seasons are all about life, death, re-birth, and those fallow times. It is also about abundance e.g. flowers and crops grow, the birds sing, the sky is blue or dark with white or grey clouds. and there are stars at night. There are sunsets and sunrises every day. New shoots appear from the debris of storms and disasters (which seem to be happening more often these days) in all sorts of nooks and crannies. When the dry, arid desert gets rain, everything springs up and grows again. This can give hope, joy and faith in the beauty of the miracles of nature.

And, of course, I can acknowledge that there can deaths, destruction, loss of homes and livelihoods with all these different hurricanes as Nature takes charge of its’ whims and will.

And you, as a human being, can be calm, relaxed, in a frenzy, be loving, be angry, be destructive, be open or closed. There is so much abundance to choose from in our thoughts, our feelings and emotions. And, of course, our behaviour and reactions.

Be the Best You Can Be

There is abundance when you are the Best You Can Be.

There is so much to be thankful for. You grow, become aware and feed your Soul as you acknowledge that we are all miracles just as life itself is truly a miracle.

It’s a wonderful world we are part of – even with the good, the bad and the ugly. – and anything in between.


Here are my suggestions for acknowledging abundance in your life –

  • Compliment or simply smile at a friend – even a stranger and even more so, yourself
  • Acknowledge your gifts/qualities/abilities and take delight in every one of them
  • Respect who you are and what you have to offer the world
  • Be yourself – your unique self – and not a copy of another
  • Know your challenges to be something you will cope with or overcome and ask for help
  • Know you are blessed with the people who are in your life
  • See your glass has half full and not half empty and abundance will be there
  • Listen to your intuition – your inner wisdom
  • Acknowledge your strengths AND your limitations
  • Don’t strive to be Perfect
  • Be the Best You Can Be

This is Your Abundant World – Enjoy It.

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