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In   today’s   crazy   world


I am asking this question as I hear all the time, in different situations, about how stressed, how busy, how exhausted women are –  ‘Who is taking care of YOU?  


Is there anybody?  Could it be –






Facebook Friends?



Even Yourself?

Do you know how to take care of and nurture yourself?


Most of us will help, advise, support our family, friends and clients (and anyone else for that matter) on ways and means to do this quite happily.    AND do we actually do it for ourselves???

For myself, and most of the women I know in any variety of roles in the so-called Helping Profession, we don’t do it enough.    And it can take a long while to realise that – as our energy slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) gets depleted.

When have we been taught to take care of ourselves?    Well, we’re not really taught it in schools and again, most don’t learn it in our families as, hmmm what’s that word we might have heard? – yes – it might actually be ‘selfish’.

And yet, in this pressurised, particularly social media, world, learning how to do it is essential for our own wellbeing.   If we don’t, we cause ourselves stress, illness and stop truly enjoying our life.   Quite simply, there is no energy to do so.

20 Suggestions

Here are some of my suggestions to nurture yourself –

    • Shout and swear all the expletives you know while beating a pillow (or similar) up
    • Dance and sing to your heart’s content
    • Do some gentle exercise –like lifting your cup or glass!
    • Smile, smile and smile even more in the mirror, inside or outside your home!!
    • Or, cry, cry and cry – let it all out
    • Get off Social Media
    • Tell yourself how wonderful you are and that you enjoy your company
    • Stay in your pyjamas or nightie/lie in bed even all day
    • Give yourself permission for ……………………………..
    • Have a luxurious Pampering Day wherever and however you do this
    • Do something (anything) different from your usual routine
    • Argue out loud with the Radio or TV or Newspapers
    • Stop beating yourself up
    • Take yourself out on a date
    • Have gratitude for your life however it is
    • Eat something really delicious (Rossi’s ice cream?) and savour every mouthful
    • Recall what makes you happiest and do that
    • Celebrate You for being YOU in whatever way you want to
    • Enjoy Nature maybe by standing laughing in the pouring rain
    • Surprise yourself (and maybe others) by saying ‘I Don’t Care’ when you feel like it


New Best Friend


Remember that what is nurturing just now may not be nurturing at another time so you will need to try them all out!!     If the suggestions are difficult for you, see it as treating yourself as your ‘new best friend’  and find out what pleases you, and maybe even one or two that give you the feeling of being slightly (or a lot) naughty!

Let me know how you nurture you so that the rest of the Visible Woman Community can try it/them out too.

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Don’t delay contacting me (irene@irenebrankin.co.uk or www.thevisiblewoman.com) as I’m here to help you to see how you can create space to spend the time to do things you love, and help you manage life with grace and ease.

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