Bah Humbug

30 Definitive tips for stopping yourself from enjoying life

As we are coming up to the Festive Season – the so-called time of having fun, laughter and enjoying life- I thought I would put this out with a bit of a tongue in cheek style from that “Bah Humbug” part of you.

Here is my definitive list for keeping yourself from enjoying life (well it’s for today anyway!) –

  1. KEEP reminding yourself what age you are and act it!
  2. DON’T smile a lot.
  3. Tell yourself you are too old to keep being curious and a life-long learner.
  4. Don’t bother with the simple things in life – want more luxury.
  5. Never allow a real belly laugh till the tears of laughter run down your cheeks.
  6. Stay with your negativity.
  7. Hang on to all that’s wrong in your life, so you don’t move on.
  8. Keep hiding yourself so no one knows you are there.
  9. Don’t bother being interested in who and what‘s around you.
  10. Be a Couch Potato.
  11. Don’t bother caring for your wellbeing, or anyone else’s for that matter!
  12. Never let the thoughts in of possible Miracles in your Life.
  13. Repel those looking to give and receive hugs.
  14. Don’t even think of what’s to appreciate about Yourself and Others.
  15. Stay in your Comfort Zone.
  16. Don’t give yourself space for Reflection.
  17. What is there to give Gratitude for?
  18. Don’t let yourself sing or dance along to music.
  19. Remind yourself that ‘who would love you?’ every day.
  20. Don’t bother having Compassion for Others and Yourself.
  21. Forget all about exercise.
  22. Don’t even think about saying YES to opportunities.
  23. Work slowly and don’t bother playing hard.
  24. Keep yourself invisible and don’t allow Yourself to Shine.
  25. Don’t connect with your inner world.
  26. Keep questioning your Truth and hold others are right.
  27. Go along with whoever is around You.
  28. Fun is for other people – not you.
  29. Keep beating yourself up.
  30. Remember that life is untrustworthy.

I just know YOU will be able to add many more to my list and let me know what they are!! And I wonder what happens for you as you read the list.

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