How would it be to be seen as Bonkers?

How would it be to be seen as Bonkers?

(Definition = mad, crazy (or act in a crazy way)

In my opinion, if you are then it could be that you are seen as a someone who acts in a crazy way or you could be seen as a bit of an oddball at times, depending on whose company you are in and what you are doing.

This week’s blog came about as one of the Members of my Business Women’s Lunch Group received the word ‘bonkers’ as one of the qualities seen in her by one or two at our Christmas evening ‘do’. I have to say it was given in the right way. She can be seen as a little crazy as she expresses herself in such a creative way whether through her dress or expression of her creativity. She is quite magnificent, is all I can say!!


The down side of being called a bit bonkers is that life can sometimes be lonely as somehow you are not one of the ‘gang’ as you are not quite seen as ‘normal’. It can also be overwhelming and you may even need to take time to withdraw from the world (for however long it takes) in order to replenish your wounds. And even that can be seen as weird!


On the other hand, the world can look at you as someone who is different, their own person and so someone who is to be respected for that difference. You are able to choose to express an opinion, dress and be however you want to, leave people to their own devices or join in with them if you choose too.


There can also be a tremendous freedom in being seen as bonkers. My Grandson sometimes says to me, ‘Nana, you are so weird’. My response is, ‘Oh yes, and isn’t it lovely to be able to be weird’ and I carry on with whatever it may be that I’m doing – singing funny words to pop songs, cuddling unexpectedly and so on.

When you have that freedom, you know what and who you care about and be how you want to be. You can laugh and cry, you can tell daft jokes. You can take part in events that nobody else wants to do. You can offer yourself for unusual possibilities. You can be quiet and still whenever you want.

Proving Yourself

You realise that there’s no need to prove yourself all the time to be a good person and to fit in. You will find your group or tribe or family who will include you, acknowledge you, see the wonder that you are (yes, and a pain in the neck at times!) – who will see all of you.

You can be bonkers

I have every faith in you – life is for living not hiding away. So go on and be visible to yourself and then everything will fall into place. Why? Because you will be trusting in you.

I want to say to you – be, however you want to be. It’s your life and give your ‘bonkers’ part freedom to be.

Go Well x

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