What is going on in the World? I have no idea except, of course, all the usual fall out from famine, wars and no decision making on most things!! And in the U.K., I am totally confused by Brexit and what’s going on there. It seems to me to be going around in circles with even more confusion than what seemed like simple when a question was asked of us.

Then the fall-out of back-stabbing, in-fighting, support, who is in and who is out…  And still not resolved!!! Help!!!

It’s supposed to be the Festive Season although it doesn’t feel like it with everything going on.


Maybe this is what life is all about – going around in circles and no solutions but lots of possibilities. And maybe my need (and possibly yours too) of searching for certainty is caught up in all of this at the moment.

I know my life has definitely been shaken recently and I am still holding on and searching for a solution(s) for my health. I have been putting too much pressure on my self to be fit and healthy and so I have had to ask myself the question that I’d also ask you to consider.

Have you ever thought about the fact that where YOU ARE is exactly where you are supposed to be?

If you are anything like me, I bet you haven’t! You and I have been too busy trying to move on, make changes, be in denial or go back that we’ve never actually stopped to see that this (where you are) is your reality – whether good, bad or anything in between. Whatever is happening in the world, this is how it is and no amount of huffing and puffing or squabbling is going to change it.

This is your life

This is it, folks. This is your Life. It is simply too difficult and even too painful to come to that place of – this is it!

Stop, Look and Listen

So STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN to yourself. See this YOU from a distance (Psychosynthesis’s concept of dis-identify – step back) and see the reality of you and your life.

This stepping back and observing yourself is your chance to be honest with you – no more dramas, pretence, what if’s or maybe’s. See it just as it is – no putting the glasses on of glamourising anything – good or bad.

I promise you that when you do this – there is no pretending anymore! You can stop hiding in denial.

Your Life is as it is – no more – no less – right now.

Some Suggestions of what to do?

My suggestion is that you –

  • do step back and look at the reality of your life
  • write down what you see and feel about it all.
  • take the time to reflect on how it is not to be attached to it
  • simply observe
  • see what you now think or feel about your reality
  • ask yourself, ‘Is my reality worse or better than I realised?’
  • scream, shout, cry and then give space for whatever


You see, in my opinion, when you truly accept what is, you stop searching. You then have the space to see what you have within and without yourself. You then have the inner freedom of choice in your life. You then can choose what it is YOU want to do about it all.

I love the saying ‘Every time I close the door on Reality, it comes in through the window’.

I wish You and Yours what you wish for over the Festive Season, and also A Healthy, Peaceful and Joyous New Year.

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If you’d like to explore and have conversations on subjects like this, join my new Facebook Group. It’s called SIFITY (Stop It, Fuck It, Thank You) and it’s for those women who are on the road to facing their denial and owning ‘I Am Enough’ x


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4 Responses

  • Sorry to hear that you are facing health challenges, Irene.
    This year, I too have been working on accepting my life as it is and making the best of it. Thank you for your wisdom, as always.

    Sending you love and healing thoughts.

  • I started doing this a few months ago, cutting through the crap to see my situation as it really is. It was tough to let go of the lies and little excuses because they were something to hide behind.

    Having got real with myself, I feel lighter. I look back and see how far I’ve come in those few months. I can see why certain things happened and why certain people came into, then left, my life.

    I have no doubt that I am where I’m meant to be, doing what I’m meant to be doing.

    The important thing is to not get attached. Once we get attached to a certain person or situation, when things change it hurts. I’m still working on this!

  • Hi Shan, And apologies for my later than usual response. Thank you for sharing what went on for you when you faced reality and your learnings. Being able to get to that place of non-attachment is a lifetime’s journey for me too!!! xxx

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