Honest truth – fear

Here are some of my thoughts for tonight as I truly take my time to reflect and accept where I am – no bullshit, no dressing it up, this is my reality!

Most of you would agree with the fact that life is a process that you can take with both hands or fear it – and allow the fear to rule your life. This is what I have done recently and I’m not being hard on myself!


The healing process can take a long time – even years in some cases. As I have been through a couple of distressing situations in the last six months, I definitely know this. Except, I have been so impatient with myself, with the pain, the tiredness, the lack of clarity … that I have allowed myself to be over-ruled also by my fear.

Again, I am sure you will know most of the fears, I am listing below –

Fear of ending up a Bag Lady

Fear of Being Homeless

Fear of something happening to a loved one

Fear of serious illness

Fear of death

Fear of rejection

Fear of failure

Fear of missing out

Fear of embarrassing yourself

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of being found out

Fear of Ageing

Fear of fulfilling your Potential

These are some of my Fears – the list is endless, and I’d love you to add to it or do your own list.

When you do accept your fear

If you do accept your fear, and simply acknowledge it, ‘yes, I’m afraid and I’m going to do it anyway’ or ‘I am afraid and not ready yet’, here is my personal list of what could happen.

You can be generous with understanding yourself and others

You can go with whatever is happening

You can look yourself in the mirror and say ‘I Love You’

You can allow yourself to cry if you want to

You can come out of your comfort zone in your own time and own way

You can acknowledge your gratitude for being alive

You can see you’ve got choice e.g. to go back to bed and rest or get up and out

You can accept this is your life and so get on with it your way

You can know that life is a roller-coaster however you are, and you can ride the ups and downs if you want to

You can see yourself as a part of life regardless of what you are going through

You can know that there are people around who can help your healing

Once again, only you will know what would happen if you faced your fear and did it anyway.

Healing Journey

For me, it has been all of the above and, with the help of others, this has been my healing journey with all its ups and downs.


As I know you want to co-create a better world that you know in your heart is possible, you will also know that you must begin with yourself – with your Truth and Fear. What you want to happen may not come about in this lifetime (you may not see the fruits of this), and you can enable the steps toward it for generations to come.

I’d love to hear about how you handle your fear – everything helps one another.

Go Well.

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4 Responses

  • Hello Irene
    For me it can be suddenly remembering that I’m standing on the fear/terror place (‘its not real’)and then just imagining myself jumping off like it was a hot spot. This can sometimes work to jerk me out of the fear space in order to re-adjust my thinking.
    Wishing you a Happier New Year!

  • Hello Cathy, My apologies for not responding sooner. What an excellent tip for others to interrupt their thinking and feeling – thank you. And A Happy New Year to You too xxx

  • Hi Irene
    You know I have always loved your transparency its so real fear. I have it everyone I meet has it in some disguise or another. My way through it has been to identify the root cause and the message behind the fear. I then use prayer/meditation/ time/love/ essential oils/homeopathy/ EFT & Matrix/ and finally create new paths ways of thinking.
    Keep well my friend and keep embracing all you want to be. Love you.

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