Are you all of you?


Many of you know that I’ve been blowing the trumpet forever about Both-And and saying it is not about the Either-Or that so many of us get caught up in – If I’m not good all the time then I must be bad!

This saying really resonates and hits home for me –

Fierce with Reality

“You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself  YOURS. When you truly possess all you have been and done…….you are fierce with reality.”
Florida Scott Maxwell

A question she raised, ‘Are you able to truly possess all you have been and done?’ It’s important for you to ask yourself as I totally agree with her that there are no short-cuts to wholeness!

I am quite simply fed up with hearing, seeing and reading those so-called Gurus and Experts who say that ‘in a week, a month, 6 months or a year’ you will have the answer to your life’s purpose, make loads of money and be happy forever more! No, it is much more than that.


Another thing I seem to have been going on forever about is you owning your dark or shadow parts – those you try to hide away and yet somehow they slip out – even for just a moment or two. Others pick them up or have a sense something doesn’t quite fit with how you are being or saying.

It’s not just about owning them. It is about including them, getting to know them and seeing what their gift is to us.

This is how you move towards being yourself in the world – by being fierce with yourself. You do this by allowing yourself to embrace your shadow and your light – your compassion and spite; your generosity and meanness; your action driver and laziness …

This is your ‘I am both… and …

If you don’t turn and face them, then the gifts they have to offer will stay hidden – imprisoned by yourself.

I am not saying it is easy. It takes time and energy and willingness to be honest with yourself while trusting and allowing another to see your vulnerability and be a witness to your shame.

It is time to own that you are imperfectly perfect and be yourself in the world – whatever that may look like!

Don’t come from that place that says, ‘I wish I’d listened and been more myself in my life’.

So here’s to the best you know how – show up as all of you and be free to live well.

This brings me onto my 10 week online course starting in October!

It will be an adventure for you and me as I challenge and support you to stop being the watered down version of someone else – after all there’s just one of YOU.

I know you want to have the freedom of choice to explore, discover and have the courage to break those boundaries that imprison you – to do it your way – to be yourself.

It’s time to re-light the fire of Self-Discovery as I know you will have already done lots of self-development that’s helped you along the way. You will also have the awareness that you need to know yourself first!

Have a look at my website (beautifully crafted by Kae Skinner at JamStation) and contact me on with any questions AND SIGN UP TO THIS VERY SPECIAL OFFER. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!!!

Go Well and look forward to hearing from you.

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