Not growing up

Have you ever said, or heard others say things like –

Life is unfair
Someone hurt me
Not my fault
They did it to me
I’ve done nothing

Those who continually say something like the above, are usually the ones we make suggestions to, or offer possible solutions, or attempt to draw out alternatives from them. They will not do anything or will rush in and take everything on and then do nothing as the results aren’t instantaneous.

In my opinion, these are the ones who had NO intention of changing because they didn’t truly want to do so!! Although they paid lip service and appear to want change, it is actually a charade.

It is hard to bring about change and those who make changes become more alive and more fully in life because they have worked hard to bring about their vision or next step towards it. AND genuinely want it.

You see, some (and you might know them) love their problems or their issues. Why? Because they give them all sorts of excuses for not growing up and getting on with life!

Life is change

Life is all about change – however you fight it, push against it, try to ignore it and hope it’ll go away – or even like it. If you aren’t growing and evolving then you are standing still and the world is going on ahead anyway.

I don’t have an issue with the times of standing still (even when forced on us) and yet it could be said that those leading ‘still, or not changing’ lives are waiting for someone to save them or at least protect them from the big, bad world. Oh yes, I’m owning up at times to wanting a Fairy God-Mother or Father to wave their magic wand and make ‘it’ all go away!!!


I’m sorry to say that no one else can save you because the problem or issue is yours AND so is the solution. Only you can get yourself out of whatever it is. Yes, others around can offer help, support, guidance, and even challenge.

And, I’m repeating again, the fault lies within you and only you – not parents, schooling, fate, genetics, bad luck, time of birth… It is you and your choices and your attitude towards whatever your issues are that causes you to stay in inertia.

You are the only one who can change your life – turn it around. You could say that all those years waiting for someone else to do it have been wasted. Who wants to admit that the problem is US? It’s really quite painful when we realise and own this truth!

The grace of your life is that YOU are the solution so take ownership of YOU.

Go Well.

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