‘Awareness is knowing what’s happening around you and Self-Awareness is knowing what you’re experiencing’

Are you aware of how you are treating yourself? What I’ve heard and seen over many years in the psychological field, as well as personally, is that women are still trying too hard to meet others’ expectations. YOU demand too much of yourselves, and as a result, you’re always looking outside for validation!

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that ‘no matter how much is given, it’ll never be enough’. Why do I say that? Well, in always trying to be and do what others think you should or must be and do, you will end up finding you’ve lost yourselves.

Victim to Life

You have become a Victim to Life and no longer know what’s yours and the parts others want you to play.

My challenge to you is, in giving yourself away –

What benefits do you gain from being in the situation?

Who are you trying to please, and why?

What situations or feelings are you trying to avoid?

What do you need to do to change this?

What could be an ideal scenario for you to make changes that benefit you?

It would be interesting to see what awareness you come up with!


I now want to say to you – Stop being a victim! You can feel a victim of many things – society, authority, another’s controlling, our parents’ behaviour, personal finances, workplace and giving yourself away. This is because you have felt powerless. This is a debilitating state of mind that can paralyse you and from which you feel no refuge and is probably a legacy from childhood.


It is now time to start being authentic. Authenticity is a collection of choices that you make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real – to be honest – to let yourself be seen as you.

To be honest, for me, most of us can only manage being authentic on some days. What is important though is that sometimes choosing to be real over being liked is all about playing it unsafe – stepping out of your comfort zone. And this can involve criticism, passive aggression and comparison from others especially when what is being said is untrue.

Those who do this are usually jealous of, and feel threatened by you, and so will go after what hurts the most – your appearance, your warmth, your humour, your lovability, your expertise and even your parenting.

But sacrificing yourself and who you are for the sake of being included or what others think of you, just is not worth it!

It is time to let go of, ‘I’ll be whoever or whatever I need me to be, as long as I feel like I’m part of whatever’.

So why don’t you take a fresh look at yourself and see who you see, as it’s not the time to give up and say, ‘this is just who I am. It’s too late to change’.

I’m saying quite the opposite. It’s now time to take a stand for your own potential once and for all and Be Yourself.

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