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Sometimes when I look around and see, what I think ,those who are the easy going, beautiful people doing marvellous things in life – wearing the right clothes, attending the right places, having lots of fun, looking calm, intelligent, at ease with themselves, knowing the right people , being creative ……………………………. Gosh just too many things to put down – I can become so dissatisfied with myself. Don’t know about you!!!

I can find myself becoming smaller, out of touch with myself, out of touch with my heart and I can put on one of my ‘pretend masks’ – the one that says that I cannot match up to your brilliance in any way or I am not as worthy as you or something like that. Again, I am sure you know what one you can put on!!

As I said in last week’s blog somehow or another, in order to be fully Yourself you have to include the Both-And in us. You have to allow those parts of us we love and accept to be in relation with those you don’t want to own like – judgement and jealousy to name two.

This comes about through getting to know them, including them, and receiving the gifts they have to offer you. They then become a part of you – they get integrated and you become that bigger you as so can be more yourself without fear or favour.

Good News

There is even more good news here as I am really delighted to tell you that there is something else to include!!

If you re-look at what I wrote in the first two paragraphs above, not many of you are able to own and accept all the positive (or the Light) you have too.

I am talking here about self-love – being able to openly, honestly and willingly

acknowledge all the good qualities you have

acknowledge and applaud all that you have accomplished

recognise your gifts and talents

appreciate and acknowledge all you do well

own your success, creativity, happiness and power

To do the above can be as difficult for you as when you ignore your Shadow!!!

You and I have the same qualities with in us as we see in others!!! As I have told you before, my Role Models are Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren. I am not saying I manifest their qualities in the way they do. Oh no, I am different and unique in being Irene and so I express them in my Ireneness.

I’d love you to reflect on who embodies the qualities you love and admire in others, and then to accept them as also being within you too. Don’t forget you will be expressing them in your uniqueness too.

You will probably find any number of reasons why you don’t – couldn’t possibly be in you . You’ll probably find evidence as you read this to support your belief that you don’t have these qualities – no way!! Perhaps some fear and resistance there???

When you make that commitment to have the courage to face Yourself and include the Light and Dark, Love and Hate, Positive and Negative – whatever you want to call them, (I say the Both-And) then you are re-claiming YOU again.

Yes, I know it can take some time to do this and may not be easy at all. It can be both painful and joyful and you will be coming into relationship with you.

As I keep repeating myself – it is about you being yourself as for me this is why we are here!!

Go Well


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