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Here I am again with some more on Being Yourself and that, in my opinion, is the answer to why we are here!! (See my two previous blogs in case you’ve missed them – IS THERE MORE OF YOU? and DON’T BE FRIGHTENED OF YOURSELF!!!)

Why am I saying this? Well, as I see it, most of us are searching for inner peace, to be at ease with ourselves and move towards what our purpose is. I know for me (in the past), and many others that we don’t actually think to look inside ourselves!!

What you are seeking you won’t find in this article, or articles by others, or my books or others’ books – although they will all point you some way in the right direction. No, the answers and guidance are inside you, and once you know that then you won’t have to seek them from others -even a well-known guru outside of you!!

Yes, me and some others can help you to take the steps towards finding your own meaning, your own guide inside, your own wisdom, as this is the only way back to Being Yourself.

And when you stop and listen then it’ll enable you to follow your own path even when pushed and pulled by others’ voices. You will begin to question your own internal voices that you’ve allowed to rule or control you. I wonder where they came from???

Magical Thinking

I want to bring up the subject of Magical Thinking. You do know that when you do it, however pleasant it might be, you are only fooling yourself by pretending that some day you will achieve your dreams or goals or purpose without ever taking any action or practical steps towards it.

I know, have heard, and read about people (and I include myself here too) thinking and saying – ‘If I sit here and think good thoughts, meditate, pray, have faith or say mantras every day, ask Gurus, read lots, watch movies or TV programmes that fire me up, then I will be in line with my purpose’. NO, you won’t as your dreams will simply be put on hold.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with all of those things above . And it is about you taking ACTION towards Yourself– you have to take the next steps. It is time that You start helping yourself and that’s why the title of my article is – Just Get On With It.


When you find that underneath all your pretence, the masks you wear, the repression energy you use in order to hide yourself, that Life is all about BOTH-AND and not EITHER-OR, you will find gifts, wholeness, and connection with Yourself. A lot of healing will go on.

The greatest service I can do for you is having your back while you are connecting with Yourself. You will know that I am a safe harbour to come in to and go out from.
Go Well.

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  • Good point about taking action. There is so much information available out there that just thinking, planning and learning are holding us back from the best part of going after a goal: taking action in our own unique way, expressing who we are and not holding back.

    Love the name of your course! 🙂

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