Are you feeling a bit low or down or off or just not right?? Then join the clan as this has been how I have been feeling this weekend.

No, can’t blame it on the weather as we have been so lucky in this part of the country this weekend with people out in Tee Shirts, down the seafront, in the garden sunbathing or simply enjoying the sun.

Couldn’t pin it on anything in particular so went with the feeling and relaxed. Later I got a surprise phone call from one of my lovely friends – a colleague in Germany – and as we chatted and laughed at the craziness of life, she said something and I realised what was going on. I wasn’t appreciating myself as I was too busy having a go at me at what I wasn’t doing rather than what I had done!!! So simple and yet it took my friend’s words to realise what I had been doing to myself.

I will now ask you. Do you take the time to appreciate you –

Silently to yourself
Writing down everything you appreciate about you
Or even (shock horror!!) saying it out loud to Yourself and Others


Any, or all of these, can be difficult as most of us were not brought up to do this. And especially the last one above as this can bring about ‘funny looks; false smiles; pursed lips and even, ‘Oh listen to you’ rather than a genuinely supportive response. It is definitely not easy when this happens as I know that myself!


Quite simply, as you go about your daily life, it can be normal for you to take for granted the things you do, or how you are because you are able to do and be unconsciously. Certain things come easy to you and you don’t see yourself as anything special.

Perhaps this appreciation wasn’t forthcoming when you were younger or you were told you were ‘big headed’ or you believed that if you did appreciate yourself, you wouldn’t be liked – safer to stay one of the herd!! And that was what you did.

You probably don’t appreciate yourself because, in my opinion, most of us can simply forget, or even don’t know, what a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be tapped into within ourselves. Some are unaware that they can utilise their abilities, qualities and experience until someone points them out or acknowledges them.


Appreciation List

I am now going to suggest that you make a list of all your talents, gifts, qualities – the natural abilities you were born with even if you didn’t realise them before. It is not a skill even if you can use your talent(s) or gift(s) to develop a particular skill, e.g. good hand-eye co-ordination could mean that you would be good at sports.

Take some time to reflect on you and your life and write them all down. I want you to be generous with yourself, and especially your qualities.

Then I’d love you to look in the mirror and tell yourself with love that you really appreciate you because …………… (choose one or all from our list). You will have been able to recall how exceptional you have been and so tell yourself this too.

You can tell yourself that you are an ordinary woman dealing with all of life’s ups and downs, and yet you are also extraordinary.

You are unique – there is only one of you so Appreciate Yourself.

Don’t take yourself for granted and simply move on!! No, the world need to hear what you have to say (whether quietly or loudly) and see what you have to show them – YOU BEING YOURSELF.

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I’d love you to appreciate yourself enough and join me on my Autumn Workshop where you will not only realise how successful you already are, you will feel more relaxed, more authentic and more at peace within yourself.


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