Life puts so much pressure on us these days – T.V., Newspapers, Magazines and particularly Social Media. There are those who promise us that we can ‘make it’ and live the kind of life they are living by paying them £0000000s or anything else in between to be ‘The Perfect … Woman, Partner, Friend, Coach, Writer, Speaker, Manager ….

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones and haven’t felt that pressure. All I can say is that I have. I have done the comparisons with others and have been found wanting – not a good place to be I can assure you!!



I don’t have any magic formula (wish I had!!) as at times I still have had self-doubt. It can be hard work to take the time to uncover the beliefs we hold from the past. It can involve emotional turmoil (sometimes positive and negative) before we can connect with that peace inside and release the energy we had been trapping inside.

As you will all know, when we were young, we wanted to be loved, accepted and included so we took on and absorbed the views of those around us. Amongst other things, we concluded that ‘they’ were right in what they said, or didn’t say as they withheld praise or whatever. We had an intuitive antenna of what was acceptable or not – including us!!

And so we took our beliefs about the world and ourselves – I’m not good, or worthy, or I mustn’t do this, that or the other as I won’t be liked or accepted……. Inside us.



So this is how you and me coped with the world because we were little and they were the ‘big people’. You needed to be part of a family, community or something because that was just how it was. No wonder we can be drawn to those we think have the answer to life (so called Gurus) even when you and I are doing the best we can at any one moment as we are only human.


You are not that little girl any more

What I want to remind you is that you are not that little girl any more. You are a grown woman with so much to offer and can now stand up to all those voices inside you that take you away from your own sense of self-worth by telling them to go away. You can tell them that it is more important to look to your own inner wisdom, inner knowing and intuition rather than hand yourself over entirely to someone else’s advice. You can then choose to take from that advice whatever it is you want to and see what is appropriate for you.

You and I are fine as we are, and when we come from that place, we can choose to be in charge of ourselves and know who and what is right for us.

This is my way of saying – pay less attention to your outer make-up and more attention to your inner make-up and then you can truly look in the mirror and say, ‘I Love You’.

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I’d love to see you on my Autumn Workshop in London where you can Celebrate You and Your Inner Make-Up rather than holding on to your Outer Make-up. Contact me if you have any queries about the Day.
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  • I really enjoyed this post Irene, a lovely reminder to be much more focussed on myself instead of listening too much to people who do not fully know me or have my best interests at heart. Sometimes it is far too easy, I find on the entrepreneurial journey, in particular to put too much trust in experts or gurus because they have been there and done what you seek to do before.

  • Thank you, Carrie, for your comments. And, of course, there are always those who can be trusted – those we are in tune with – to help us on our own path. And wishing you well, Carrie xxx

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