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I don’t think many of you will disagree with me when I say that life can be ‘funny’ at times – even if it is not always laughter we are feeling!

In my opinion, what helps is needing to have the courage to be yourself, listening to your own voice and laughing a lot at life regardless of what’s going on around you.

Saying all of that, here are my possibilities for helping yourself enjoy life (well it’s for today anyway!)

Learn to forgive yourself for the daft things you do or have done

Remember to step back and gain perspective on life

Celebrate the little happenings that go well

Know that not everyone will like you – that’s life!

STOP reminding yourself what age you are – be the age you feel

Keep smiling – being cheery helps to keep you young

Keep being curious and a life-long learner – you are never too old is a truth

Enjoy the simple things in life – seeds growing into flowers

Laugh often, long and loud – a real belly laugh till the tears run down your cheeks

Be alive, while you are alive!

Cry and let go of the sad losses in your life, and move on – they are inside you

Live Life Out Loud

Stay interested in Who and What you Love

Take exercise – a stroll, a walk, a run, a hike, a Zumba class – whatever you can

Care for your Health

Remember the Miracles in your Life

Be open to Hugs – giving and receiving as it is proven they do make us feel good

Appreciate Yourself and Others

Take risks by Challenging Yourself

Make Space for Reflection

Give Gratitude for all the Small and Large things

Sing quietly, SING Loudly – SING

Tell Yourself ‘I Love You’ every Day – even more than once

Have Compassion for Others and particularly Yourself

Say ‘YES’ to offers – you can always say No later and ask for help with them

Work Hard and Play Hard

Allow Yourself to Shine

Bring your Inner Smile out

Hold onto Your Truth

Choose Who you want to have Around You as this is so important for your well-being

Be spontaneous

You don’t have to be grown-up all the time

Be Kind to Yourself

Trust in Life and its Process

It could all be summed up with ‘BE YOURSELF’

I know you will be able to add many more to my list, and really hope you will too.

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