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Decluttering Time

Do you ever get that feeling of ’Decluttering Time’ or  ‘I need to clear out and start again’  Or ‘I’m feeling hemmed in’  Or ‘I have a feeling that I need to make space for something – anything to come in!’ ?

I know, from my own experience, that life is all about changing and evolving or else you get into a rut, get bored, do something you’ll regret or you die inwardly or even outwardly.  It’s as simple as that!

I also know that change can be damn hard at times, however much you choose it or get dragged along by it because somehow all the signs and happenings in your life are shouting at you to do something about it – whatever it is!


Let’s not beat about the bush here. Your talents or potential are the gifts you come in with and what you make of them is up to you. Isn’t it better to use them rather than being too afraid or shy to allow the world to see them?

When you hold onto shyness (and most of us actually are shy), or feelings of shame or embarrassment, you can then use these as excuses that there is probably somebody better or more able than you to stand up and be counted and do whatever it is you are afraid to do.  So, you don’t put yourselves forward much, if at all. You stay on the side-lines either cheering others on or denigrating them.

I want to support you to use what abilities, skills, talents, and qualities you possess in order to let us all enjoy them.  You have the potential and not using it is a huge loss to you and the world.  It’s hugely frustrating for you and could even cause you to move into depression as you box yourself in your rut.


The best thing you can do is to take time to reflect on yourself and your personal expectations for your life.  Then I’m suggesting that you create a ‘DARE LIST’ of say, 20 things so that you’re expanding your comfort zone.  You will then be decluttering you and your life.

Your list can contain simple to difficult changes, and that will be the start of challenging yourself and giving you choices.  Some examples could be – walking instead of taking the car; signing up for some kind of class; switching the TV off; joining a group; saying ‘No’ when you normally say ‘Yes’; offering your opinion /making a comment when you don’t normally; running a 10k; writing a book; public speaking; jumping out of a plane and so on.

You see you will then be shaking up the rut you have got yourself into.  (In this context as I have used in the past – rut = dead end or stuck in a groove or a living death!)   You’ll be changing your thinking and this then re-wires your brain. You will feel inspired, pleased with yourself and begin to see yourself in a different light. You can then pat yourself on the back (more likely your shoulder) and say, ‘Well done.  I am so proud of you’.

We can all co-create a better world that we know in our hearts is possible.  It may not happen in our lifetime (we may not see the fruits of this) and we can be Role Models for future generations.

This can be your legacy – the Celebration of You in your Bigness.

Join me in decluttering and let me know how you get on.

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2 Responses

  • I’m bored and have been bored for several months. I enjoy my work but it isn’t enough – I crave conversation, deep putting the world to rights conversation. My bestie telling me what strategy she’s using for the next part of the iPhone game she’s playing isn’t conversation.
    It’s time to change things because I’ve been changing (evolving) over the last year. I’ve begun reclaiming my power and saying “No” to things I used to take on because I wanted people to like me. Not bothered, now ????

    I’m decluttering my workroom and by my seat in the front room. Doing the same with my wardrobe and my FB friends. If I haven’t used/read/worn/communicated in the last six months, it’s/they’re going. I’ve let go of some relationships, the ones that were no longer serving me, and I’m finding ‘my’ people.

    I’m making space for new relationships and energies, for more ideas and to change how I work.

    Blimey – I meant to write a couple of sentences, not the phone book ????

  • Gosh, Shan, you really are taking the bull by horns as is said. Well done to you and look forward to hearing about all these new things and people coming into your life. My apologies for my belated response, we were away in N.I. and only found this now xxx

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