A definition of Respect: admire (someone or something) deeply as a result of their abilities, blog 23qualities or achievements

A definition of Value: useful and important

I was reading something the other day and it was saying that researchers had come to the conclusion that we, as human beings, crave being valued and respected by others – regardless of our gender or culture.

Do you think this is what we all are wanting?

In Crowd

I did a blog the other week entitled ‘Are you one of the In Crowd?’ and for me, this relates partly to this as I think having a high social standing can be important for us.    Sometimes, you can shrug your shoulders and say that it doesn’t matter and yet, doesn’t your self-esteem go up when you feel you are valued enough to be included by others.  For some (and I’m not saying all here), when you don’t feel valued and respected by others you can feel hurt, distressed and your self-esteem can be dented!


It can be seen and felt like another form of rejection.  And although rejection in our life is simply unavoidable, you can take it personally and feel a failure.   You might be saying to yourself – I am not of value or respected by others so there is something wrong with me!!!

Rejection is personal and you can take it personally, however much you are told that you are not a failure!!


Let’s come back to you.  How much do you respect and value yourself?   Important question, in my opinion, as when you do, you are then more able to step back, consider and reflect on others’ reactions towards you and may simply say ‘thank you’, shrug your shoulders and move on.  It is simply their opinion and, if no truth in it, it doesn’t matter as you have respect for yourself.  It is your attitude towards the receiving of what may be a lack of respect that’s important.

Due Regard

I trust that you give due regard for your own thoughts and feelings and when you perhaps feel thrown a little by others’ disregard of you that you get in touch again with your own deep admiration of you.

Irene x

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