In my experience, and the experience of my clients, supervisees and friends, most of us have difficult times in Ciucas Mountainsour lives.   I am sure that also applies for many of you too.   And it can be difficult to see what it was all about while we were in it.


The great philosophers and wise people say that we all learn through adversity.  As a matter of fact, even us, the ordinary person can say ‘And what was the lesson for you there?’ to some event(s) in our  or others’ lives.

I wanted to scream when this was asked of me over and over after my horrible time recovering from my time in intensive care with bowel cancer – however lovingly it was meant!  It is just not always appropriate and if has been taken on as ‘the right thing to ask’.

Fullest Potential

Also it can be said that we need those times of horribleness in order to stretch and grow ourselves.   It is also in service of us reaching our fullest potential.    This is supposed to be the purpose of all the discomfort, pain and tears we are going through.

Don’t Know – Do Know

I truly don’t know about this viewpoint – even if I do hold it on occasions myself and have seen myself and others celebrate the new direction that is taken.

What I do know for myself is that I have only one life to live, however much reincarnation is said to be true.   I know that life is a precious gift particularly as I have been ‘thrown back twice’ as a Hospital Consultant said about me.


This is a truth for me and it enables me to see that there is healing, comfort and transformation that happens for you and me slowly, gently and occasionally with a quick leap of awareness and understanding.   AND you and I begin to fulfil our dreams and make a difference in the world by being more fully ourselves, by giving of ourselves.

No cop-outs

Again, for me, that is what life is about – living life for real!   No cop-outs, no wallowing in your ‘victimhood’, no squandering of your gifts through drink, drugs, laziness, what we’ve not got, our if only’s, it’s all right for them ……..

And I’m including all the horribleness (small, big, huge) that happens to us individually and collectively that happens in the world.    I’m not discounting that for a minute!!    And there is more than that!!

I want to encourage you to face the things that daunt you and ask for help, if needed, in enabling you to deal with whatever it is.    Then give back to yourself and life.

Onwards and Upwards x

Irene x


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