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Really See Yourself

I wonder what is stopping you when you look at you in the mirror and saying that you love you – everything included – the good, the bad and the beautiful? I am talking here about the beauty that comes from within regardless of the without – that you are a beautiful Soul.

When I have done this with my clients, it is amazing how many of them don’t even want to look at themselves properly in the mirror. Oh yes, to fix their hair, look at the lines, their make-up, and so on. To look at themselvesno way, Jose!

They simply do not want to look at themselves. Why? Because they are afraid of what they will see inside.


I don’t think I am wrong in saying that we all have experienced fear in some way or another. And so what I want to remind you is that fearlessness isn’t the same as the absence of fear. No – the fearless person is well aware of the fear they face. They will take a deep breath, stop and choose to do whatever it is AND look at themselves in the mirror regardless.

You see, life without fear of some kind or another (from looking in the mirror to say speaking up) doesn’t stay very long! The fearless person on the other hand sees the world as it is (fear included) and then makes brave (even if not to others) decisions.

Failure is possible

Why don’t you simply accept the fact that failure is possible and that we all have at some point in our life failed at something or another. You are still a beautiful soul whether you have failed or not.

In my many years of personal and professional experience, it’s when you take chances or risks and include your fear of failure that you’ll grow and fulfil whatever it is that is waiting to be fulfilledyourself.

Be the Best You Can Be

Those leaps or small steps you take, are what most are afraid to do, and you are doing them your own way. You are challenging yourself to become the best you can be and be positive about life.

Being Positive

Also remember that being positive doesn’t mean saying that things are fine when they are not!! Doing that can mean that you are placating others by giving them what they want to hear and hiding your vulnerability. Being positive means being in touch with your emotions and expressing them appropriately. As we all know, life doesn’t run smoothly and acceptance of this is at the very heart of positivity.

I’d love you to contact me and we can look at the question, ‘How do I include all of me and look in the mirror and really see myself?’

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