Listening to my reality

Here I go again – moaning, moaning, moaning!!! Do you have a part of you that can keep on moaning (sometimes deservedly, I have to say) and drives you, and everyone else, up the wall?? Yes, I know you have and sometimes this part can take you over without you realising it.

Moaning Minnie

Well, I’d like you to meet ‘Moaning Minnie’ as that is what I’ve named her.   At the moment, she feels she has every right to moan –

Fell off the arm of the settee climbing up to open a window

(don’t even go there – said it all to myself!!!)

G.P., then Hospital wait, then Plaster Cast

Hairline Fracture

Pain – Fingers and Knuckle Swollen and Bruised

Difficulty doing anything

Takes forever pulling pants up and down

Can’t fasten or unfasten anything (boobs at my waist!!)

Other hand is now tender and sore with over-usage

Won’t go on as could go on except to say that this continuous heat is still an issue in amongst all of this!!!


So you see, Moaning Minnie does actually feel sorry for herself and wants to cry and just disappear until she is all better – someone make it all go away!!!

This is my Reality AND I have a good man who is doing the best he can with this frustrated, nagging, sorry for herself wife.

I have the loveliest supportive friends who have offered to get me things, pick me up and take me out, text me, sending me healing, advised on homeopathic medicines…  Never mind my Business Lunch Group with flowers and making me laugh…



So life goes on and on. I stopped and re-assessed what was happening through hearing my Moaning Minnie’s cries – listened to my reality – and then I could give thanks for being alive, being surrounded by love and having so much to be grateful for.

I am actually smiling now!!!

Sending Love and Blessings to You All – Go Well.

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My new website for  Stop It, Fuck It, Thank You  is going live soon – keep an eye out for it.



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4 Responses

  • I think Moaning Minnie has a place in your life. It’s perfectly OK to be bitter for a while when your life gets disrupted by an accident. As you have realised, convalescence is also a brilliant time for finishing projects or reflecting on your next move. Because you can’t move so much.

    I am linking my comment to a blog post on how to heal bone bruising which is like a hairline fracture but millions of them in a small area. The same principles apply. It will be useful to speed up your healing. 🙂

    Best wishes <3

  • Poor you! There’s a time and place for our Moaning Minnies and you beautifully described one of those times. It’s all about being human, vulnerable and not perfect (whatever perfect is!) Thanks. Hope it gets better soon.

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