As I am taking it easy this weekend after being out and about this week even with recovering from the cold/fluey thing going around, I thought I would do a little reflection on what has been underlying my Blogs. Nothing too strenuous!!

It has been interesting to find that, after thinking about all the courses and workshops I’ve facilitated over these many years in the psychological field, that there is a thread. Here are randomly some of the titles –

So you think you’re successful, so what? Taking Stock. Celebration of Life. The Psychology of Success. The Game of Life. Making Changes. The Smile Within. Making Choices. Get on with your Life. The Sacred in the Self. The Visible Woman…………………………….


What was the thread?

Of those I could recall, I found that they were all about self-discovery, self-awareness, self-acceptance, learning about oneself, re-connecting with oneself, celebrating oneself …………………… I am sure you are getting the drift here.

The thread was the connection or re-connection with Self, with Soul, with Inner Wisdom, with Inner Knowing. It was about breathing into this place as we engage with Life.


Dressed up

I had dressed them up – just as I do with my Blogs – in all those inviting titles to make it interesting for participants or readers because it can be much too scary to put the underlying reason out there.

I am talking about the area (yes, I know it is becoming more popular to do so and …) that most don’t like to talk about in their life – that inner stillness – the Soul, the Self.

Here I am using the words as inter-changeable, and I know that some see them as different and there could be a very long debate about it. I can only speak for myself and my own experience.


Be Yourself

My philosophy on life is that we are here in order to be ourselves. So to be truthful, I am saying that, in my experience, the purpose of being here is to be myself.

There is no one else that is me – there is only one of me – I am unique. I am fed up striving to be someone I am not.

I want you to be proud of you for your uniqueness and individuality. I want you to stand up and be counted because you are being yourself – to be comfortable with being you. You have the inner freedom to come from choice and be Yourself.

I wish you the Joy in coming from Self-Acceptance of YOU.

As the saying goes, ‘Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken’.

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  • Thank you for this Irene, I suppose we all feel we are here for some higher purpose but what higher purpose is there than to become the best ME that I can be? I am also fed up striving to be someone I’m not, it will be such a relief just to be myself. x

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