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Again I am shouting out “live life out loud!”


I have decided to return to this old blog (2014), ‘Live Life Out Loud’, as it is where I am in my life, and so want to encourage you to choose to do the same (if you are not already doing so) when you are ready.


Why am I doing this?   Because I don’t want you at the end of your life to be saying, ‘If Only I had ……………………..’            I so want you to see that this is your one and only life and you do have the choice in making you the best you can be in it.


Blog 2014


A wonderful Facebook friend and photographer, Robbie Kaye, who has published a fantastic book ‘Beauty and Wisdom’, made that lovely comment above. This was in respect of the death of the inspiring American comedienne, Joan Rivers.


I’m using it because for me, although it is really sad news that Joan is dead, she was a Role Model. She was talented, funny, honest, courage and didn’t give a damn. She said it how it was in her opinion. And yet, underneath all that, she was a caring woman and supported many charities we didn’t hear about.


Joan did LIVE LIFE OUT LOUD whilst also not allowing her kindness to be exploited – she simply did it.


So, here we are again. What about you?  Do you Live Life Out Loud?  Or do you keep yourself tight and contained – only expressing what you consider is okay for the world to see?


And once again, my challenge to all you women who do this shrinking, now is the time for you to start showing yourself.


How about casting off all those garments you clothe yourself with (perhaps not literally!) and allow yourself to be seen in all your glory – the good, bad and indifferent.


Have some fun, shock some people and yourself by speaking out, dressing outrageously, owning up to your greatness – not your littleness!


Be confident and stop messing about with all your excuses of why you can’t Life Life Out Loud – just get on and do it!!!


The world is waiting and so is the You who is screaming to get out of the tight constraints you have put on her.


Let’s shake out the old mould of how women should be and bring in the new. Coming with me?


Joan Rivers was an inspiration (whether you liked her or not) as she stepped up and was visible. That is to be applauded in itself. She used her sharp humour to say what most of us would have liked to have said if we had the courage to do so.


So there you are, having me shouting from the rooftops again, and wondering if anyone is actually listening to that yearning inside themselves to break the chains that bind them and allow themselves to be visible.   I hope you will listen to the music inside you – your own tune.

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I sit alongside women whilst they are finding their own tune in readiness to dancing to it. Contact me if that’s you.

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2 Responses

  • Yes, I’m coming with you, Irene!

    Living life ‘appropriately for the first 50 years almost led to my demise. Since when, every single day is a bonus to be savoured. Being old enough to join the Purple Hat Brigade also helps 😉

    Thanks for the reminder to live life out loud (and out rageously!)

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