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Are you at Peace with Yourself?


I know for myself this has been one of the hardest things for me to acknowledge – I have not been at peace with myself!!!


As I’ve got older, sometimes when I’ve allowed everything to get on top of me and I can see others are out there changing the world, I hear myself saying –


What’s the point?

just do your own thing

who do you think you are?

let go of trying to change the world

what difference do you think you can make?

be satisfied with caring for you and your family

allow others to take care of themselves

And I wonder –


Am I making a difference to others’ lives?

Have I connected or touched them in any way?

Am I (and others like me) a Role Model for others?




When I allow and accept the feelings of where I am at that moment, I know that I have to listen to what is happening for me before I can move on.    It is usually because I am pushing myself too hard – wanting to be at point ‘Z’ when I need to allow myself to listen to my inner voice that says – trust yourself, go at your own pace and when you are ready, you will surface again.


Role Models


I simply want to say to all of those who are not at peace with themselves and have lost their passion for life – whatever age you are – don’t be deterred by those doubts surfacing, simply allow and go with them!!


Just look around you, there are women you will know personally, professionally or through the media who don’t know there is a glass ceiling or a stage you are supposed to have got to, and haven’t allowed themselves to give up on their dreams.


Nowadays, there are so many women of all ages starting up their own businesses, being visible on social media in many different ways, running the London Marathon (did you see them on the T.V. or in real life?), deciding to write books (Louise Hay wrote her 1st book in her 50’s and now commands an empire).   I also include myself in this one although no empire!!    Someone like Mary Berry still demonstrating her expertise as well as giving her expert opinion on others’ abilities; a 73 year old climbing Mount Everest; an inspirational grandmother making a triumphant return to the catwalk aged 80, and those being the best people they can be (you know who you are).    You can add your own names to this list and maybe you are even on it!


And the two wonderful women who are my Role Models – Judi Dench and Helen Mirren – are still working whether in their 70’s or 80’s.    You and I are enjoying, and applauding, the benefits of their willingness to still be out there performing.


In Common?


What do all these women have in common?    They listened to their Inner Wise Woman or their Soul and decided they could no longer dim their passion or their lust for life!   They heard their call to allow themselves the possibility of fulfilling their life’s dream – regardless of whether they would succeed or fail by others’ standards.    They were willing to go ahead and take the steps towards it in order to be at peace with themselves.

Talking to You and Me


We will all get old – if we’re lucky to survive.   You and I have got so little time on earth that the biggest risk is to spend it dissatisfied!!     It’s time to give the focus on the ageing process or our doubts a break.    Yes, you and I may doubt ourselves, and the alternative is death so grow old gracefully or disgracefully and listen to your inner voice, as then you will be at peace with yourself.

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I work with women who are fine as they are, and yet they are not at peace with themselves.   They have a nagging emptiness inside which just won’t go away because they’ve lost touch with themselves.   Those women tell me it’s like ‘coming home to themselves’ as they re-gain their confidence, start taking risks and go after their dreams.   If I’m talking to you, please get in touch via my website www.thevisiblewoman.com or e-mail irene@irenebrankin.co.uk  and we can arrange a chat. 

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4 Responses

  • It’s good to know that everyone questions themselves at times. I always think it’s just me and that everyone else knows exactly the whats and whys of their own lives.
    You have touched my life in so many positive ways Irene. Encouraged and helped me find my own answers.
    You are one of my role models and I feel so blessed to have found you at just the right moment in my life. As I begin the last year of my 50’s I am entering a new phase in my career. Who would have guessed?
    Thank you Irene xxx

  • Thank you, Kae, for your lovely words and I am really touched with what you’ve said. I look forward to us meeting up more now with your change of job. And you do not look as though you are late 50’s as you are so warm and generous in your being. xxx

  • Wise and beautiful words Irene. While seeking my own sense of peace I have met many women in the same pursuit. We women are institutionalised into thinking we are selfish to think of ourselves at all and often criticised and punished for taking back control of our destinies. Well done and keep up the good work helping our sisters become visible again. xx

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