Nowadays it seems to be that people are striving to appear big, strong and independent.   I hear all the time –

I don’t rely on anyone else

 I can do it all by myself 

See world, I can cope on my own   

Or words to that affect.


It is becoming seen as a sign of weakness to ask for help and support for different reasons or another and some may be peculiar to yourself – here are some that I’ve heard –

I can’t show any weakness

I can’t trust anybody

I mustn’t appear vulnerable

You have to be seen as coping or else!

I wonder what your own reason might be?

Loneliness and Alienation

Yet, if we are all so independent, why is it that we are hearing that more and more people are also admitting to loneliness and feeling alienated from others?   I don’t understand what’s going on, do you?

Does it make you appear dependent and helpless when you own that you need others in countless ways, and that they also need you?


Here’s something to think about.   You depend on others to provide heat, light, transportation, clothing, education, health care, IT support  – the list is endless – and love and friendship.

I know some of you may be saying, ‘but I do most of the above myself’.    Well, I want to say ‘well done to you’ as you are in a minority but the majority of us do depend on others for a lot.

Remember that you, in your way on a personal and perhaps on a professional level, serve others too.


It is time to remember that you are connected to all others, and to all aspects of nature, both inanimate and animate.

Also to own that your friendships and relationships can sustain and nourish you and, in fact, research has shown that it is of crucial importance to your well-being.

Then if your well-being – and the well being of others – depends on your ability to create and maintain relationships that are supportive of you and them, it can also be a relief when you let go and lean on someone else – even for a short time.   It is good to do this – so allow yourself to do it!!

Go on – give it a try.

Isn’t this what makes the world go roundour interdependence?

Let me know how you get on.

Irene x

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