Ooooh to be Elegant particularly in this loooong heatwave we have been having – at least down here in the South East. Hot is not the word for it!! I am like a wilted lettuce – hot, red-faced, sweaty, no energy, in a brain daze.

No wonder I wish I could be Elegant!!  Some of the meanings of the word are –

Dignified, Tasteful, Refined, Sophisticated,
Stylish, Graceful …

Have you ever seen a wilted lettuce looking anything like these??  No, neither have I!!!



So what are my options around this issue? I am sure you have many solutions and I’d love to hear them too.

I could sit in front of a fan all day long; get someone else to do what I need to do; get up at dawn and do what I need to do; do any housework or anything at night; not bother about it all; stay in the shade; keep having cool showers; wear shorts and ‘t’ shirts all the time; wear loose clothes… I could go on and on.


OR I could simply accept that this is my reality in the heat. I am not a woman who thrives in it so I can stop moaning and groaning about it.  I can do the best I can for me whatever I am doing.

I can accept when I get told (not in a heatwave) that I can be any of those lovely meanings above. I am always amazed when I am told that, I can assure you.   So, what amazes you when others tell you how they see you? Are you able to let it/them in?  It can be difficult to let us see ourselves in a larger way by including in others’ views on us.  And it can be even more challenging when they are things we don’t want to hear!!

Stop It, Fuck It, Thank You

This is what can happen on my new Autumn 10 Week Online Course – Stop It, Fuck It, Thank You – you can be challenged to see more of YOU.  Yes, I could say ‘The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful’ and include more of YOU.

If I use my saying (SI, FI, TY) for myself then I can tell myself that it is time to stop pulling myself down with my comparisons with those Elegant People.

I can scream, moan and groan till the cows come home that won’t change anything except use up the little cool, calm and collected energy I have.

And I can accept my reality of how I am in a heatwave and put what I want to do into action.

And I can thank myself for being me – the beautiful soul I am – one who copes and doesn’t cope.  Someone who makes me smile, laugh, cry, puts me at ease, someone who is vulnerable and also strong.

I hope you have taken away something from my Blog today – that it is okay to be honest about ourselves too.

Go Well

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