I find it so touching when I hear others say that they have been inspired to do, to be, to say ……. whatever through other people being Role Models for them. And this can also be through it being part of your own family life or seeing or reading about others’ lives.

Why do I find it so touching? Well, as you may or may not know, two definitions of inspiration come from –

“Our connection to the Universe, the power that beats in our heart.

To breathe into or put life or spirit into the human body.”


To be in good spirits

I guess a more up to date one would be – “to be in good spirits”.

I don’t know about you but without words, I can pick up on someone’s being in good spirit. There is simply something that comes across when you are in their company and that also then lifts my spirit. It can enable me to experience being lighter, calmer, happier, energetic, reflective and simply feel more alive.

Again, that ‘connection to the Universe and the power that beats in our hearts’ really quite simply inspires me.    I feel quite uplifted just reading or hearing that!!

Who or What

I am so fortunate to know many people who inspire me, not only those who have courageously done things beyond the call of duty and been genuinely rewarded for it.

I also know those who have fallen down, made mistakes testing themselves out by being themselves, picked themselves up and put themselves out again.

Those who have spoken out and started campaigns to right some of the wrongs in our world and have challenged themselves to move beyond their norm – this can be in a small or large way.

There are many unsung heroes/heroines in this world and it takes courage to live life with all of its craziness, being fearless, to risk rejection and be true to yourself.


I would like to encourage you to stop, sit still and reflect on all the challenges you’ve faced in life and overcome. Don’t tell me that you don’t have time as you can do this while letting your mind wander when doing another task. You see, when you do this, you’ll then be free in your own heart and so inspire others whether you know it or not.

You will then see just how AWESOME you are while breathing into that connection to that Inspiring Woman that is YOU.

Go Well.

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  • I did this exercise recently, while revamping an old blog post and got a surge in confidence. It’s easy to forget all that we have been through in life and that we are our own unsung heroes first and foremost.

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