Every situation in life is temporary


Every situation in life is temporary

“Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.”
— Jenni Young

I put the above saying on my FB Timeline in 2015 and decided to put it out again at the weekend. It helps to remind me of something that is a Truth for me – quite simply being fallible – I forget it and need reminding!

People in Life

I’m not quite clear on the connection yet with the saying except here is my rant about people in life at the moment. And I am sure you might have met some of them in-depth or simply in passing. And if you haven’t, then you are so lucky.

Know Anyone Like This?

They’re the ones who –

  • Talk too much about themselves
  • Give you their unsolicited advice regardless
  • Talk too much about what they do
  • Tell you what they can do for you (whether they can or not!) totally inappropriately
  • Take over the conversation all the time
  • Seem unable to realise that you would like to share too
  • Don’t see that your eyes have glazed over
  • Leave you drained and exhausted and yet you’re not sure why
  • Don’t pick up on any signals from you or others that it’s time to move on
  • Cut in before you have finished and tell you that that’s happened to them
  • Are always telling you their problems/crises/fantastic happenings
  • Offer to help and somehow it becomes ‘Oh you’ve finished! You should have asked!’
  • Say – ‘Oh I really love what you’re doing, and I’ll come, AND don’t let you know they’re not
  • Tell you they are there for you and then are too busy
  • AND

I know that I am guilty of one or two of them on occasion (well maybe more than that!) as I’ve already said, I’m not infallible! AND what I’m talking about here is the total lack of awareness that anyone else exists except them! EMPATHY is not part of their vocabulary!

Suggestions on how to handle some People

I am encouraging you to –

  • You could simply tell them to Fuck Off when they are taking advantage of you
  • Say ‘NO’ simply and clearly
  • Move away from their monopoly of you in whatever way is good for you
  • Smile, look at your watch and say ‘I have to catch/do ………’
  • Say, ‘I’d like to take a rain-check on this for some other time’
  • Not allow their energy to disturb you by imagining you are anywhere else than with them or however you do it
  • Remember you deserve to be in the company of compassionate, caring, lively people – so go find them!
  • Withdraw your energy from them so you protect yourself
  • Accept them as they are AND you can choose not to be around them
  • Limit your interactions with them
  • Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated as they are well versed in this
  • In a group, say clearly – we must move on now
  • On an appropriate occasion, tell them in private what you’ve observed (scary one to do) and see what their response is……….
  • Love to hear any of the ways you do it

I guess for me the connection is ‘This too will pass’ and I am not willing to waste any more of my time, care and energy on people I don’t want to be around.

Anyone else?

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2 Responses

  • I’m guilty of some of those things in the first list. It feels weird that you’ve described me. I feel bad. I recognise thigs in the second list that some people do with me.
    I’m changing my behaviours. I don’t interrupt as much as I did and I’m learning to be aware of body language and eyes glazing over.
    Work in progress…

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