jealousy - the green-eyed monster


(or in other words COMPARISON and COMPETITION)

There doesn’t seem to be much on the Social Media world about the topic I have chosen today for my Blog or it may simply have passed me by over time, and my apologies if that is so. Anyway here are some of my thoughts on this.


It seems to me that nowadays, underneath what we are all trying to say and do is more or less the same message simply put across differently.

My message comes from enabling women to –

go beyond the norm

fulfil that cry that says ‘there has to be more than this’

expand awareness

have inner freedom and choice

to ‘Know Yourself’

and to be able to say ‘I am Enough’

Your WHY?

If you tune into why your work matters to you and why you set out to do it i.e. what is underneath it, you will find some connection with my statements above. In my opinion, yours will simply be dressed up in a different way.

Competition and Comparison

I am quite sure (and I know it for myself) that there can be those times when you make comparisons with others on social media (and also in everyday life!!) who are coming from the same place as you and this can be difficult. This is where the feeling of competition comes in too –

They are better than me in putting it across

Why didn’t I say it that way?

They’ve got 1,000’s of followers

They are obviously earning more money than me

They are more clever than me

And so on …………….

These are my suggestions and what are your words or the voices that come out when you see others’ blogs, websites, selling points, products, whatever? That old green-eyed monster appears regardless, however much you attempt to push it down.

Don’t worry you are not alone!! I think there are many of us around who say any of the above to themselves and feel dispirited or even – why bother, what’s the point as I’ll or it’ll never match up!!!

Get back in touch

Yet, when you re-focus and get back in touch with what is behind you doing your work and why you do it, you will find out that all is well in your world. This is your Calling or your way to be of service in the world.

Again Why? Because you are YOU and so the way you present yourself to the world will be different. You are UNIQUE – there is no one else who is YOU.

Honour Yourself

We are all different and when we can tap into, and honour this place then it becomes a WIN-WIN situation. You are all expanding your own and others’ awareness so that, you can not only grow yourselves, you can create a more just and loving world – a healthier existence for all in your own way and time.


So, folks, you have a choice here. You can stay stuck in your old pattern of the green-eyed monster, and be guided by fear of lack. Or you can come from a new place of saying, ‘I am Enough as I am being Myself’ and then you will have listened to your heart or your soul’s whispers. You can enjoy others’ successes and that can be your legacy to those following on.

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If you’d like to explore and have conversations on subjects like this, join my new Facebook Group? It’s called SIFITY (Stop It, Fuck It, Thank You) and it’s for those women who are on the road to facing their denial and owning ‘I Am Enough’ x


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