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One of the paradoxes of life is – you grow, you develop, you transform which is crucial for your health and survival.  While you’ve been doing that, you’ve also made thousands of decisions – important ones at that – and probably don’t realise it.


On the one side, you have the eagerness and excitement of change and transformation through decision making, and on the other side you have the part of you that wants to stay the same by putting them off, however much you are saying, ‘Oh no, I want change in my life. I don’t want to keep the status-quo’.


Conflicting parts


It can cause some of us to go a little crazy when we have to make important decisions or even simple ones!!


For me, very few decisions are black and white – more often they are grey and yet you are expected to decide with great certainty.


Making the wrong decision can weigh heavily on your shoulders as it can affect not only you but others in your life, including your business.


Most of us attempt to do the right thing by each other as to the affect – good or bad – on all concerned by checking on our own personal values and coming from a place of integrity – and it can still be difficult.


It is important for you to recognise these conflicting parts in you, and also to grow to accept them as being part of you.    It is just how it is – human nature.    It’s, therefore, about how to find a way to let them co-operate with one another and then integrate them so each has a space in your development.    You see, if this doesn’t happen, you’ll end up exhausted with all the internal fighting whether subtle or raging that goes on for you.  I certainly know this!!




What I am saying is, it is Both-And in life and not just Either-Or.   I’ll give you an example from my own life.   I always labelled my reluctance to make genuinely big decisions as fear until I addressed it and found that it also contained real excitement that I was willing to step outside my status quo.   What a difference it’s made to my life.   You see it’s quite simple.  You can’t change what you‘re refusing to confront within yourself and be at peace with yourself.


To live the kind of life you deserve, you need to get to know who you really are.   Listen to yourself and learn to love yourself unconditionally – the Both–And – and know that you are the greatest gift you can give to life.




Are you willing to take responsibility for your decision making and the affect on your wider environment?    Are you willing to hold your hands up if you get it wrong?


All I can say, in order to support you, is that every day you encounter some kind of decision making that scares you  – even a little bit.   Your palms might sweat, your heart race a little, your mouth goes dry and you have butterflies in your tummy.   These symptoms can cause you to stop going further.    And they can be saying that you need to push your boundaries and carry on in order to grow.


You always need to stretch yourself and when you actually do that, you can find that you become stronger and somehow less afraid.   What you were frightened of was actually the fear itself.


Understanding Your Clients


I am sure you’d like to think that you know what’s best for others – including your clients – without actually checking it out with them.


Have you actually done your research and asked your clients or possible clients, what they need from you?   You might be quite surprised as to what it is!!


Why don’t you make a conscious decision and do just that i.e. ask them!!



Make a decision and contact me via my website www.thevisiblewoman.com or e-mail me on irene@irenebrankin.co.uk

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