One Of Life’s Transitions

This is what I have been doing for the last 3 months – letting go and taking stock of me – where I am and where I am going!! In other words, going through one of life’s many transitions as you probably know from experience yourself.

It has been really interesting as, when I have been asked, ‘How are you?’ my response has been, ‘I’m feeling a bit down right now and stepping back from life’. Some of my lovely friends offered support, ‘Let’s have a cuppa/walk/lunch/chat/I’ve got something for you and so on. Some have said, ‘I’ve been there’ and given me a hug/smile/touch…………….. Some have said ‘It sounds like depression’. And some knew what I was talking about.

My response has been, ‘Thank you and maybe I’ll take you up on your offers. I’ve been here before and I’m letting go to what is. I’m going through a transition and my next step isn’t here yet. I am choosing to be where I am’.

I am not saying that it was easy, sometimes my impatience, lethargy, thinking and doing all sorts of things to push for an answer as to what was happening, got in the way. And, of course, I went inside for help as well. I simply chose to go with it.

One of my solution has been to get books from the library and simply read – mainly detective novels of various kinds!! I’ve also remarked to myself that I am so lucky that I have been able to give myself the pleasure of simply doing that.

The Monthly Business Lunches and my fortnightly Meetup Group have gone on as I see them both as my Community. I have gone for a long walk to see the bluebells, chatted and laughed with good friends. I have kept off Social Media, other than my daily saying and picture, made the odd like or comment – not much though. Forgive me, if I’ve missed responding to your really interesting work. It has been good for me to step back from it all as everything has been easier.

I still don’t know what life is all about AND I applaud myself for doing what I did – listening to myself – I stopped, surrendered to what is and am now stepping back into life again.

I trust you will also listen to Yourself and then choose what is right for you.

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My intention is to put out an on-line programme in the near future (doing a pilot of it first). There will be three modules with the titles – STOP IT; FUCK IT; AND THANK YOU.

If you want to join me, or think you will be interested, in this new private Group, please CONTACT ME. Please do so as I would love you too as you will hear from a straight talking Glaswegian come Essex Girl who won’t give you bullshit!!!



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  • Nicely put Irene. Just been through something similar – Willingness to surrender and accept the process. More letting go of stuff, making space for the yet unknown as well as gratitude for the privilege of being able. Spring/Summer is a lovely time to be stepping back.
    Best Wishes

  • Lovely to read you again Irene. I was wondering where you where :-). Now I know and I love that you share it no simply. Thank you.

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