My work with women is to support them to stop playing and start living their life as fully as they can.   By that, I mean – take life by the scruff of the neck and start listening to themselves.

Turning Point

I’m suggesting that, like most women, you were moving along quite nicely in your life when maybe directionsomething happened – could have been exciting, indifferent or boring.    It could perhaps have been unexpected or something that you knew was in the offing.   However it came about, it was something which caused you to stop, slow down and wonder where to go from then on.     This is, what I would call, a Turning Point in your life.

Ignored Your Inner Call

You may also only recognise these turning points when you look back and then you can see where you ignored that beckoning (sometimes fleeting) inner call to take a different route.    It can be painful to see what happened when you ignored yourself.    And there may be occasions when the outcome took you in what turned out to be the right road for yousimply different!


These turning points are signals to you that it is now time for a change of YOUR CHOICE!   What I am saying here is that this is when you ask yourself, “What is it I would like to change?”    Or it may be you ask yourself, “What would I change if I knew anything was possible?”

Change is possible

It is really important that you remember to actually acknowledge that change is possible.     Another thing to remember is that a question always empower whereas an answer can block you into just that one conclusion.

Importance of Asking

The important thing is the Asking as, until you ask, you can’t receive anything different from what you have now.     That last sentence is quite simple and we don’t always put it into action.

A great question to start with, as it’s always the start of creating different possibilities

  • What would it take to change this whatever “this” is? 
  • Am I willing to put that into action?

I know that it is hard to take action when a part of you is always holding on to the status quo!  You can’t change and stay the same at the one time.

It may though that somehow from the inside, you are being told that it’s so important that you allow the waiting, that you pause while you reflect on what you might do.   This can be such a valuable place to be AND it is also important to eventually ‘get off the pot’.   It’s these internal conflicts that cause the lack of motivation!!

I come from a place that when I hear, “I’ve had enough of this,” from myself and others, I simply say, If you don’t intend to change the circumstance, then don’t complain.

Act on your own core values and take responsibility for your actions and that way you allow others to own theirs!!

I’ll finish with that old saying, ‘Life begins when you do!’ so check out those turning points.

Irene x








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4 Responses

  • Love that expression “get off the pot” Irene. Can hear you saying it in your Scottish accent. Sometimes for a lot of people it is far easier to complain all the time rather than do something about a particular situation isn’t it! Others suffer in silence. They all need your tips on creating different possibilities. 🙂

  • Ace post! I’ve missed turning points because I didn’t want to upset anyone or risk being teased/told off, or upset the status quo. Now there’s no-one to do any of that I’m taking turning points.
    Up with unleashing my inner tiger!

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