Being alive is a risk.    In fact everything is a risk!    

It’s a risk where you are in your life right now just as much as it’s a risk to step into unfamiliar

Risks Rewards



It’s your choice to

  • decide which decision is a risk and which isn’t 
  •  decide which are the risks into the extraordinary
  •  Decide to stay in your comfort zone  

You don’t always see that the choice is always yours.

I’ve seen, and heard of, too many women afraid to try –

  • new things
  • new places
  •  meeting new people
  • travelling to different countries
  • different ways of thinking
  • going back to study 
  • eating different foods
  • being open to the new

They, themselves, have placed these limitations on themselves – nobody else has!!

Wasted Potential

And, if you are one of these women, then your potential goes to waste!!

  • your wonderful ideas
  • your dreams 
  • your creativity
  • your relationships you never realised 
  • your possibilities you never even attempted
  • your reluctance to try  

All because you were too afraid to be open to the new. 



  • feared what others would think
  • doubted your own abilities
  • feared what may or may not happen 

I want that you find someone who can support you to take small or large steps so that you can, not only discover your abilities, gifts and strengths, you can begin to express them in your life. 

When you do this, you will find this so empowering and even exhilarating as your confidence grows and grows.  You will know your own value and start loving this woman who is you.

My Wish

My wish for you is that you take your courage in both hands, take a risk and step into the unknown.

Go Well x

Irene x






























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4 Responses

  • I love this post Irene,yes, sometimes it does take courage, but it’s worth it. I don’t take risks for the sake of taking risks. I can live without throwing myself out of planes and things like that, but to improve my life and make it more and more the life I want, yes risks are included. xx

  • I love the opening line: being alive is a risk. Indeed it is. There’s nothing worse than an unlived life, filled with regrets. If someone was in this position, what do you recommend as a first step?

  • Thank you, Sarah, for your comments and your question. In a way they have taken the first step IF they are acknowledging this fact rather than staying in denial. They then allow themselves to write down (risky as this can be so painful so may need to have support to do this) all their regrets and when their feelings are allowed then they can see they are alive, still have life to live and what their next steps are. They will be freeing themselves up from the blocks that have been trapping them – main one is usually fear. Hope this has been helpful xx

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