I always read and hear that the most important relationship you have with your business is with your customers, clients or whatever you call those who buy your services.

Well for me, in my opinion, yes it is that of course, and it is also your relationship with yourself.   I am aware of how this is not always mentioned too often in the ‘selling game’.

Day 2

This is Day 2 of my information on the psychological aspects of the business you are in.

Being able to have awareness of how others’ think, feel, behave and their motivation is paramount.   And it is also how YOU are affected.

You can choose to let your psychology hold you back and keep you struggling to move into the area you want to OR you can decide that you want to move forward regardless of your history.


Your psychology gives you a way of interpreting life so that you have information about, not only yourself but also others.   It can provide you with an understanding that can be reassuring and meaningful.     Although, I must say that we, as human beings, can also be a total mystery with unexplained behaviours that we may never have a reason for in a million years!!    For me, it can also be reassuring that nobody can always be totally understood – thank goodness.

 Your Relationship with Yourself

One way for you to be more accepting of yourself and your life is to see what you brought into the world with you from your roots.    Here I am talking about what you inherited from your lineage –parents, grandparents and beyond them.    In other words, what’s in your genes?

When you have taken the time to reflect on this question, and written down your answers in your journal, you may be pleasantly surprised, even dismayed or want more time for consideration.   As your awareness comes to the fore, you may then be able to see, not only how your discovery(ies) is being played out  in your personal life but also in your professional life.


You might even find that you have inherited aspects of yourself you are actually not keen on and truly thought you didn’t have them.   Or you may find out that yes, you have inherited qualities that you are proud of and these have been of tremendous value in your business.

Help or Hinder

You may not have fully realised that, not only do you learn from others in your childhood, you also have those inherited genes too.    It is important then to see how these are being played out in your business by helping or hindering you.


The more you can accept yourself, then the more you can come into relationship with yourself.    You will have growing awareness of ‘what makes you tick’ and then there will be less rupturing of the relationship with those you come into contact with in reality or through social media.

I trust this has been of use to you.  x

Irene x





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5 Responses

  • We often ignore the possibility of a relationship with ourselves, putting our clients first. Some think it’s mumbo-jumbo.
    For me, making friends with myself has filled the gap.
    Good post 🙂

  • Agree, self-awareness is critical to interacting with others professionally, and in our more personal lives. At 65, I am finding some disconcerting realizations about myself. While I am not big on regrets, it reminds me of my Dad, in his later years, saying “How could I have been so stupid?” As I am plan to keep working for the foreseeable future, I need to reconcile my new awareness with my old ‘ignorance is bliss’ confidence.

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