I’m starting off this Blog (I see that others now call these Articles so perhaps I will change too as it makes me seem more grown-up!!!) with A Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year – even if we are now half-way through January, 2018.

I have been out of action for a wee while with this blooming fluey type virus going around everywhere. I was left so low as my own coughing was waking me up so had poor sleep. And then when I did get any energy, I did my usual and used it up and then was totally exhausted again. Yes, I ought to have known better and was just so pleased to feel I was on the up that I did!!!

Not withstanding my health, my husband had to have an eye operation prior to Christmas Day (all eventually has gone well) so we didn’t visit family as arranged as actually both of us had little energy for any kind of social activity.

I could go on and I won’t re health …………………

I can also tell you that I have had no computer for over a week (good and bad in that) and now have no email addresses (disappeared) and can’t get into certain things I normally use e.g. Skype, and have to log into everything over again – all sent to try me as is said.

Sign Ups

While I am sharing about me and also what I am doing to myself, I will tell you that I have signed up to do four (even five) wonderful things I truly chose to do. Unfortunately, they are all happening more or less at the same time – Help, what am I going to do??

Well first of all, I ignored the reality of this and procrastinated – I had good excuses, hadn’t I?

Eventually I had to take the bull by the horns and do something as I felt I was ‘going round the bend’ with all the pressure I was putting on myself.

What Did I Do?

After looking at what was on my list, I took time to sit and go inside. I decided to let go of the pressure I was putting myself under and to surrender to what was happening. The world would still be there if I stepped back.

I went for a light lunch with a friend and then we had a walk in the biting cold wind – this definitely energised me.

I allowed myself to be vulnerable and to own my need to be liked, to be included and to be seen in the best light.

This blog/article is one of the ‘to do’ things on my list, have done another item and it is my intention to do at least one more thing this evening. I will advise the others that my involvement will be delayed and I will catch up.

I am re-engaging with life again and hope you are too regardless of health, time or anything else.

I will let you know what I am up to in my next article.
Meanwhile, love to you.

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  • im sure you are not alone irene , people sign up to do lots in January and then realise there are not often enough hours in the day to complete them all effectively. Knowing you as i do i also know you will get there

  • Thank you, Kevin, for taking the time to comment and my apologies for late response. I really appreciate your faith in me and agree with you about January – thank you xx

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