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I’d like to begin with the fact that I see my work as enabling you to become more of who you are – in other words – Succeed as You – Be Yourself.

I see it as the best gift I can give you is the permission to feel safe in your own skin or to be comfortable within yourself as then you will feel that you are enough being YOU.


Inner Confidence

I don’t have a problem at all with the fact that confidence can come from the outer as well as the inner – the both-and I am always talking about. There is nothing nicer than when we have produced a great creative piece of work, or given a talk, or won at tennis or cooked a lovely meal ………………. (put in your own whatever) and we receive praise, applause or words of gratitude given back to us. It is so good for our confidence when this happens.

AND what happens when we don’t receive that congratulations? Our confidence can be zapped and we can become down. That is why, in my opinion, inner confidence can be breathed into any time with the icing on the cake being the outer applause.


Self Doubt

From my own personal, and my long professional experience, I am saying that it is self doubt that puts a block on us, and hold us back for most of our life. It stops us from standing in our own power (not what parents, teachers or anyone else wants of us) and being visible in the world with our values, integrity and knowing that we have much to offer.

Self Doubt is what stops you from being Your Self in the world and, therefore, holds you back from being true to yourself!! Quite simply, once again it stops you from stepping up and stepping out.


In my opinion, it is because you are frightened that somewhere inside you that you are going to be found out as someone who is not as confident and successful as they appear. You are waiting for your world to come crashing down on you at some point as you will have been found out as lacking or exposed as a fraud. You see it that this would mean shame and embarrassment as you wouldn’t be accepted by others when they really see that you are not good enough.


Good News

Well the good news is that actual frauds or con artists don’t feel like that so that’s a good start!!

It is also about you embracing your so-called flaws and knowing that you are fine regardless. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin knowing that it is okay not to be perfect or hide yourself behind the various masks you show to the world.

No way am I saying that this will be easy if and when you take your mask of and your vulnerability is seen as this can mean that some will move on to those who have all the trappings of success and confidence ‘as is normally held’.

I am reminding you I want you to ‘Be Yourself and Succeed as You’. I sit alongside successful women and have their back while they are exploring being at ease with themselves so contact me and look forward to hearing from you.

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4 Responses

  • It’s amazing how we tend to allow the programming of our past keep us from achieving the dearest desires of our hearts. Getting in sync between mind and heart and learning to speak as kindly to yourself as you speak to others should be something that comes naturally. Unfortunately, for so many of us, it doesn’t. Having a mentor to guide you through the process of getting rid of the roadblocks in your life might be the only way you ever get onto the freeway of life instead of slogging along on the backroads. Well said.

  • It’d be so easy to slip into self-doubt without you to help remind me of who I am and what’s important. I am so grateful that I have you to keep me grounded and cheer me on through murky waters. I may be muddy and wet but I’m OK with that :).
    Thank you for having my back Irene, you are the best mentor I have ever had.

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